Friday, April 2, 2010

Little Towns

Have you ever noticed that small town's tend to be clannish?

This May, I will have lived here two years. To date, I 'know' three people. Not hangin' out 'know' but know them by name and face. Can say Hi Gina, how are you? How's the dogs, husband, etc? Past that we have nothin in common.

I sit on my front porch steps and watch traffice travel out of town, doin WAAAY more than the 30 mph they are suppose to, and the only ones that wave are the bikers. No one in cars wave. Or smile. Or even look my direction.

I grew up in a small town. One a little bigger than this one but still small. We spoke to everyone, waved at everyone, whether we knew them or not. Even goin down the road at 75 mph, you always waved. We have become a sad population, when we can not even take the time to smile and wave at strangers.

Smile and wave to someone new today! Maybe you can make them kackle! Share the joy of your life by passing along a smile and wave. You never know, it might be the spark that travels in their world today.

Cheers my friends! Have a super wonderful April 2!

Pass the kackles today!


June said...

I promise to wave at a stranger today!

If I was driving by and saw you wave from the front porch, I would wave back...might even honk the horn!!

blueviolet said...

I think sitting on my porch would be highly entertaining if I could see what you're seeing!

My Mercurial Nature said...

I think it's so sad that we're all wrapped up in our own little worlds to the point that we can't connect with our neighbors, etc. I grew up in a similar little town, full of smiles and waves and unlocked doors...and live in another little town (for 4yrs now) where I barely know a soul. Boo. I'm gonna wave at people today and scare the crap out of them! :-)

Laynee said...

I wave at every car and bike when I'm out front. The people in the cars look at me like I'm nuts. The bikers wave back. It makes my day when people wave back. Maybe be we look freaky, scary, or just plain wierd. Who knows.

Simply Suthern said...

I still live in that small southern town. We throw up (hand) at everyone. Problem is half the town aint native anymore. I dont know where they are from but waving must've been a crime or a signal to duck. They do look at you like you are nuts. But you are right, small towns can be clannish.
It is sad. I keep waving. Maybe one day they will say, hey you're the nut that always waves.

Waves bye

Matty said...

I do know what you mean KaLynn. We have neighbors across the street who don't associate with anyone at all. They won't even look in your direction, let alone wave. I for one, wave, wave, wave at everyone. People need to slow down and smell the roses.

CatLadyLarew said...

Growing up in Iowa, I noticed that everyone would raise their pointer finger up off the steering wheel to say "hello" as they passed by. Now, it seems the only finger you get from a driver is another one. Sad, but true.

*waves with all fingers at KaLynn*

Theresa said...

Howdy Kalynn. Haven't been in the blogoshpere much lately, but glad I was able to stop by. Love the new look!!

Have a Happy Easter!

gayle said...

People don't seem to wave as much as they use to. I always try to just make me feel good!

KaLynn said...

I wave just to get the look of "Do I know you?" One day I believe it will pay off! Maybe we can start the 'wave' across our towns!!

Happy Easter to all!

Wavin', wavin', wavin', it's a happy day!!

Pat said...

You just start a trend and wave at EVERYONE and say "HI!" to EVERYONE. Pretty soon EVERYONE will know you as the lady who says "HI" to EVERYONE! LOL!