Thursday, March 24, 2011

a visual for ya

No there is no pic. but let me see if I can describe what I saw. . .

Leavin work, I see a guy on a bycicle.

Big guy. As in he was probably atleast 6-2.

Not fat, but not toned muscled either.

No belly.

Just a regular joe.

Helmet, green backpack.

Bright yellow sleeveless shirt, black bike short.

Then the thought crosses my mind.

Underwear or jock......

As I pass him, I see that what I was seeing was

bike shorts streeeetched to the max that lets air in and

a view of his butt crack..........

I kackled.



Hope you do too.


Simply Suthern said...


Valerie said...

You painted a cracking good picture - and made me laugh.

Pam Tucker said...

HA! Whew, what a visual.... ;)

Mrs Montoya said...

Ha Ha Ha! I'm sorta glad you didn't have a photo :)

quieten said...

wow- thanks for the visual - it's permanently seared into my brain now..yeck! :-)

Pearl said...

:-) Get a lot of that in the area I live in.

Always makes me smile and shake my head.


Anita said...

Funny! Imagine that was a woman. lol

Toni said...

Hey mama...I'm back! And, yeah, I kackled :)