Saturday, March 19, 2011

This week, whew!

This week started out as usual with payroll. Then customer quotes, replies, etc.

Tuesday, Mic got new teeth.

Wednesday, Mic passes his dental checkup

Thursday, Laynee had her wisdom teeth removed.

Thursday, Megan,  one of my extra kids, went to hospital to get ready to be induced on Friday.

Friday, 4:50 am got text message from Jared, water broke!

7:30 am I am checking in as a good extra Mom would. All sets of their parents have taken different days off to be with Megan and Logan when they come home so they couldn't be there. (All live out of town)

8 am I leave to go check in at work.

9 am I am on my way back to Labor and Delivery. They are giving her the epidural.

13:30 (1:30 pm real people time) we are starting to having a baby!!

14:14 (2:14 pm real people time) We see Logan in person!! YAY!!

9 pounds 2 ounces 21 inches tall!!!

Here is Mama and Logan about 15:45 (3:45 pm real people time)

This was taken with my phone in a dimly lit room.

Aren't they precious??

Once again, I have another grandbaby!!

Happy Birthday Logan Hunny!! MiMi loves you!!!


Simply Suthern said...

Congrats to you Granny. LOL

My oldest worked in Labor and Delivery for a couple yrs. Now she is a surg tech doing C-sections. So far thats been pretty good birth control for her.

Again, Congrats to you and momma

Pat Tillett said...

Congrats to all involved!

Mynx said...

Congrats for the new addition and everybody coming through the denstist stuff ok.
Heres hoping next week will be less exhausting for you :)

Valerie said...

It's not often I get to see a picture of a newborn babe, thank you so much for posting it. Happy Birthday, Logan.

Pam Tucker said...

Congrats to YOU for surviving all of this! ;)

DUTA said...

The new born baby's adorable! Congratulations !
May you have great pleasure and satisfaction from Logan!

gayle said...

What a week!!!

Congrats on the baby!!

Glad Michael is doing ok!