Sunday, March 13, 2011

And I fall . . .

The grands were over Saturday. It was such a beeeuteeful day. They were on the trampoline rough housing.

I dug up concrete sidewalk and laid brick. Yes straight into the dirt.

Then I thought hm. I'll get on the tramp and lay down. And bounce.

Then the dogs had to get into the act. Mic put Harlie up and we played. Then Jack came up and we played.

The boys came back out and began jumping.

I moved to the edge.

Feet danglin.

Ok. Time for me to get off.

So I lean to skooch to the side. So I can hop down.

Well down I did go. But it was not a hop.

It was a flop.

A belly flop.

On the ground.

AND nobody saw it! Two grands on the tramp and One son standing by the tramp.

All within 3 feet of me in different directions.

So I hit. Hard. Fast. KABOOM!!

Can't figure if I hurt enough to cry. Cuz by golly it DID hurt. The dogs come check on me, Mic runs over to see if I'm ok. The grands show up. No one can figure out if i'm cryin or laughin, includin me  at that point.

All they see is my body in convulsions. I was laughin so hard I couldn't speak. The dogs were kissin me all over. Standin on my back. On my head. and lickin my face. Mic and the boys had to move them off of me to get me sit up.

I'm fine, but I think about it and start kacklin all over. Except today it hurts to kackle. And breathe. And move. So I'm living on advil.

But its still funny. Arms flayin, kacklin funny. So go ahead and laugh. I do.


Valerie said...

OMG it sounds like you fell from a proper trampoline, not one of those low exercising things. Hope you're feeling less achy soon.

Simply Suthern said...

Could have been worth $10000 if you was a tape'in it. LOL

Bouncin' Barb said...

Hi...Welcome to my blog. Thought I'd come check yours out and glad I did. If this doesn't sound like me and something I would do! I read a couple and liked your writing so I am following you as well.

Rabbit said...

We really didn't know WHAT happened. One minute she was there the next -



And then WE didn't know whether to laugh - or CRY - either!!!

LovkynÄ› said...

it's all fun and games until someone does a belly flop off the trampoline . . . . oh wait, that's still fun and games. ^_^

Pam Tucker said...

Ouch! All that bouncing, it's easy to lose track of someone... Hope you are feeling better soon. ;)

Pat said...

It probably WAS funny to see! You know you're getting older when it takes TWO days before you start to feel pain! LOL!

Leontien said...

Yep that hurts! Glad i found you!!!

Thanks for sharing

gayle said...

This made me smile and think about an accident that happened many years ago. My daughter was sleding and went into a tree and fell off. She was shaking all over and me and my other daughter (her older sister) were dying laughing and her dad was checking on her. We were laughing because we thought she was ..........come to find out she couldn't catch her breath! We felt bad but laughed even harder!

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

~Valerie- yes it was a proper tramoline! 3+ feet off the ground! i have short legs and they missed the ground! =-)

~SS-we had just talked about Mic getting the camera to tape the dogs on the tramp.....too bad we didn't actually do it! we might be richer by now!!

~BB-you must have an interesting life too! nothing dull with us around, eh?

~Rabbit-i didn't know if i hurt bad enough to cry or it was soo funny i had to laff. i think i laffed.........not sure.....=-)

~lovkyne-all fun and games around here! we laff at the most stupid stuff, oh well, i do anyway!

~Pam-all good now! didn't realize i fell on my side but my ribs were sore for several days this week. but am all good now.

~Pat-older is right! double nickles last month! though i'm not sure it is the age or the weight!! HAHAHAHAAAA!

~Leontien-glad you found me too! hope you kackle alot here!

~gayle-isnt' it funny how we all react to bein scared? i laff too... or puke!

Anyone up for a jump on the tramp??