Saturday, March 12, 2011

drivin and watchin

Comin home Thursday, I got behind a truck, actually it passed me only to get in front of me and slow down.

Because of that I got to watch what was goin on  in the truck.

First it was just  a cowboy, I know this how? He had one of those big rim hats on. Ya know the kind that goes out almost flat? Not at all like mine, which is more of a TK crunched hat. Hand rolled on the sides, smushed down on the top. Looks well worn.

This is what I was thinkin about and chacklin a little, how funny those hats look.

When outta the passenger seat head rest come a dark haired woman, yakking pretty hard with that finger goin, pointin at him, and just goin at it.

His reaction?

Look out the driver's side window.

I almost lost it! I startin kacklin fer shure!

Then she goes away and a few minutes later ~ out she comes again!

He just shakes his head.

THEN he starts firin back! HIS hand is helpin to make his point I guess too. On the steering wheel turned to the side, flat out, like: WHAT?????? Then his head starts bobbin, and he slows down even more.

I pass.

He looks at me.

He a is sad lookin young man in his early to mid 20's. The woman looked late 30's, early 40's.

So I'm guessin Mom was chewin on Son.

I smile and go on.


How many drivers have seen such an exchange with our family.

Lots I 'mgine.

Kackles to you today!

Have great weekend!


Valerie said...

OMG I hate rows in the car. Come to that I hate anything to do with noise in the car, I'm a silent driver. That's when I do my real thinking so I don't like to many interruptions.

Pat said...

That would be a good time to blast the music!

gayle said...

I would laugh too!!

quieten said...

OMG - never thought about that before! Now I'm wondering how much "entertainment" I've provided the motoring public over the years?!?!?!?

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

It was too funny! I kackled all the way home, until i thought of that little guy! then i wondered just exactly what he did to tick her off so bad that the finger came out!!! =-)