Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trees sleepin wif me

Some, scratch that, most days I forget to make my bed. I'm trying to get up and outta here in an hour or less. So the bed is not, never has been, my priority. Though it could become one of the main prioritys.

The four legged kids love to chew. They love to chew branches, roots, toys, furniture, whatever comes to their mouth.

Their favorite place to chew is my bed.

Amist all the covers that are not made.

So every day I don't care  forget to make my bed, I come in and have trees in my bed.

One day I will remember to scat these kids outta my bed before I leave and make the dang thing.

Maybe. Don't bet on it though.
Have a kackle on me!


Simply Suthern said...

I dont like crumbs in the bed. I know I wouldnt like sleeping on tree parts.

quieten said...

wait till they bring you a mouse and leave it in the bed! That will get you pulling the covers up before leaving in the morning! I know it cured me of the unmade bed habit :)

f8hasit said...

Funny how our four legged friends love bringing things up onto our beds! I just splurged on beautiful crisp white 800 thread count sheets. Made my bed up all pretty and left for work. Came home and pawprints and slobber and stuff all over the bed. All over!
It was so bad I thought (briefly) about hiding the damage, putting the sheets back in the package to return them.
"Sorry, I bought the wrong size" and start fresh. THIS time locking the pups from the room when I left....

Valerie said...

How would you like to find a frog in the bed...grins.

Anita said...

Are you sure they're not human? They have so much in common with us. :)

gayle said...

I'm like you ...never have time to make the bed but don't have any animals bring me presents.

Sandra said...

Can I say: Screw the bed! It's always more comfortable climbing into an unmade bed...well, maybe minus the trees in the sheets :)