Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun Friday Afternoon!

What was suppose to be a quick trip to the soon to be ex sil grandparents house to get the last load of boxes, turned into a stuck truck in the mud, JD coming out to get the truck UNSTUCK, only to leave with all the boxes and the truck still stuck.

(This is not the truck. The truck was white when we left but was brown when we turned in the drive tonite)

We began this excursion at 2:30, we got stuck at 3, the tow truck showed up at 6:15 and we were on our way at 6:45.

To make things even MORE pleasant, is that the grandmother does not like us. Or my daughter. And was very unpleasant. That is mild.

AND I was good. VERY good. Did not say anything bad. Did not punch anyone.

And I got to play in the mud. My hands have now been washed FOUR times and I still can't get all the mud out of the cracks in my hands. (We didn't have a shovel so I dug mud from under tires with my fingers.)

Micah will never live this down as long as I live. Never. Very rarely do I get to hold stuff over my kids head, but this is a definite one.

Maybe tomorrow, all the mud will be gone. Wonder how many washin's it will take?

Kackle! It makes for a unpleasant situation to be a pleasanter situation!!


Anonymous said...

Ha! Like Micah has room to talk!!! You should ask him sometime about his indecision to "sh!t or poop." Th'aint none of us right in this family.

Anonymous said...

That much mud, holy shit!

Menopausal New Mom said...

What an ordeal! Hope you get to enjoy a long soak in a hot tub (without the dogs), that should get the mud off ya!

Glad you're still Kackling!!


Just Playin' said...

Being stuck is not a truck or otherwise....Mud pies? Now that's a different story.

KaLynn said...

OH WHY OH WHY did I not think of a mud fight????? We could have had such a grand time with that AND made the CRANKY old lady even CRANKIER!! (I got chewed out for makin her driveway even worse, for using an old piece of plywood and a 2x4 that were laying beside the driveway outside the fence. .) I could even have sent her a mud pie. Maybe I will send her a cow paddy instead?? What ya think???

Micah had the truck buried up to the tail pipe, Rabbit. THAT was the side I was workin on to get unstuck!

AHHH the long soak in the tub with bubbles! Yes, it got all the mud off!