Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Miss Thang

Little Miss Peyton kept Mimi K purty busy all weekend:

It began with a trip to Wally World for 'nanners'.

Oh yeah, we had to get cereal too.
And take pictures and send to Momma.
"I see you Momma!!"

And this is Miss Thang worn out, with Scrappers guardin' her.

Been a while since I had a two year old runnin' round.

But we all survived.

No child or Mimi was harmed durin' this adventure.

Kackle! It does a body good!!


Vodka Logic said...

She is adorable. I haven't had a 2 yo around for awhile either.

Kinda can't wait for grandchildren.

Jules said...

My granddaughter is 1 1/2 years old. those little ones can sure keep you busy...

Matty said...

My middle grandchild is 2 years old and sure does have a lot of energy. Wears me out.

CatLadyLarew said...

What a delight to have a wee one visit... and then get to send them home again! I'd love to have a grandchild to play with some day.

Menopausal New Mom said...

What a little darling! Nice to see the pup guarding the little princess while she naps Lol!

Kitty Moore said...

She is so cute! x

KaLynn said...

@VodkaLogic-it's been 7 years since I had a 2 yr old, then it was 2 boys! So it has been 23 yrs since a little 2 yr old girl has been in my house!!

@Jules-my goodness you sure do not look old enough to have a grandchild much less a grown child!

@Matty-I'm STILL recoupin!

@CatLadyLarew-grands are the best!

@Deb-Scrappy loves to snuggle! He's a mess!

@Kitty-a cute MESS is more like it!

gayle said...

She is so cute!! Don't you just love it!!

Pat said...

She is a cutie. Sounds like both Grandma and grand daughter had a blast. They do grew up so quickly, though!