Saturday, August 14, 2010


Now mind you I do not mind mowin'. It's one of my thinkin' times, ya know?

I've even tried to be 'green' so I have an electric mulchin' mower that chews up everything from dog toys to small limbs from the tree. All except the big red chewy thang that ya put treats in. That thang will knock the mulchin lid way up high as the mower spits it out!

But I do hate havin ta git up early and mow. I wanna sleep. It's SATURDAY! And by the time I have about 3 or 4 cups of coffee it's aleady a 85-90degrees or dang near close to it.

So at noon today, I decide to finish the job I started 3 weeks ago. 10 feet of grass to mow. I got 3 strips done and the mower quits.

I think I musta pulled the plug loose. Nope, go check. Nope, still in the plug, mostly, anyway. Check the extension cord's extension (yard's too deep for just one extension), it's okay. Check again to make sure it hasn't come unplugged at the mower. Nope.

Sigh. It's been a good mower. It must be time for mower heaven or either that or I need to tear into it again. . Neither of which excited me.

So I pull it back to the house and try one more time. VVVAAAROOM! It starts! Weird, but hey who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth! So I run back to the section I was mowin' make 2 rows. WHAM! Stops agin! Blast. This is tooo weird. So I start pullin cords apart. I really, and I mean REALLY, do not want to buy a mower today.

It seems that the adapter had been pulled out of the wall one to many times. It was kaput. Changed adapters and I almost finished. I got hot. I'm a wussy. I came in. Maybe I'll finish the little bitty patch tonite. . .Maybe the front tomorrow. . It's been 6 weeks since  I mowed it. It looks sad. .

I guess today I need to change that plug to a 3 prong and quit usin the adapter and then go mow that front yard. .

Procrastinator. That's me on the weekends, fer shure.

Hope you kackle today!


Pat said...

I have a better idea - buy some goats!

Janie B said...

You are brave mowing in this heat. I paid someone to mow mine yesterday. Be careful out there.

KaLynn said...

Hey Pat, how many do you think I should add to the crew of dogs? 4?that would make an even 10 as far as 4 legged 'kids'!!

Hi Janie, Yeah that's why the front yard is still not cut!!

Valerie said...

Mowers, I've murdered a few in my time. Pat beat me to it with the goat idea which incidentally I still think is a good one. Think of the milk!

KaLynn said...

Valerie-i love goat milk!!