Wednesday, August 4, 2010

'Nuther 'Ward!!!

LeeAnna over at Can we have a new witch? Ours melted. . . gave me this award! BACK ON JULY 24th! I'm such a baaaaadddd blogger because I am just now getting aroung to thanking her and accepting it!

Here are the stipulations for this award:

1. Thank the blogger that gave you the award.

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, experience, using 10 words. (10 words!! HAHAHAHA!)

     I was going through a dark time and wanted to make me have a better outlook. I wanted to remind myself to laugh every day. I would tell these stories to my sister and she would fall over laughin'. So Michael told me to start a blog. So I started bloggin for therapy!

3. Pass the award on to 10 other blogs you feel have substance. This is sooooo very hard for me to do! I have so many I want to give awards to! LIKE EVERYONE!!! But let me see......

     1. Cat Lady Larew over at How To Become a Cat Lady without the Cats . She has been with me since the beginning or shortly there after. I love her blog! You will too! Go check her out! She'll have you wondering how you too can become a cat lady with the cats!!

      2. Pat over at A View from the Edge . She is 'nuther one that has been around a while. She takes runs around the US and tells us all about what is going on. She has a great way with words! I think you will enjoy her too! Just don't get too close to the Edge! You might fall in!

     3. Then there is Georgina over at Georgina Dollface she doodles and has great stories too! Fantastic artist! Great sense of humor! She makes my day! Go check her out!

     4. Otin. He got me going with one of his stories. Wonderful story teller for sure!! Check him out Wizard of Otin . He is a really great guy with way with words!

     5. Matty at Matty Thoughts is another one that makes me smile. He's also a baseball fan! And I do believe his Phillies have my Berkman. . . But go check him out anyway, he's a great guy! Check out his picture blog too! He is a fantastic photographer!

    6. Leah at Funny is the new Young is another one I think you will like! She's a purty good writer if I say so myself! I think she will make you laugh! Or at the very least smile!

     7. Toni at Can I Just Say. . . . is another one I like. She's cute and funny. And a super great person in real life.
     8. Kay over at Kay's Photoblog takes me to other places. Some days I need that. Check her out. You may need to go too one day!

     9. Chris at Knucklehead is a good one too. Keep up the good work!

     10. Last but not least is Janie at Life not wasted or lost . She is a teacher, an artist and a writer. Check her out.

There are many more but according to the rules I can only pick 10 this time!

I hope that you will find something new that works for you! Thanks again LeeAnna for the award!

Keep on kacklin, you all!!

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Pat said...

Congratulations on the award, and thank you for bestowing it on me! I appreciate it!