Friday, August 6, 2010

Walter's Eyes are on Big Mama's Chest

Walter was attacked. He was attacked by a vicious dog. It was a horrible battle. With the dog winnin' it seemed.

We found Walter cowerin' in the corner. It was just awful. He wanted to cry but couldn't. Michael put him in his lap and hugged him closely. All the while tears pourin' down his drawn face.

Walter didn't deserve this! He hadn't been with Michael very long! Oh Walter! Walter! Walter! And then the rockin' and huggin' starts. . Walter moanin from all the pain.

Then Michael gets mad. .He starts to look for the vicious dog that did this to Walter!

I'm tryin' to tell Michael that maybe they were playin' and it just got too rough! He won't listen! He's lookin for signs of the dog that attacked Walter. .

Finally we find a sign. Then we find another.

It was Jack. But now it is too far in the past for him to understand what he did wrong! So I scold him fiercely! He has never attacked Walter again.

Now Walter only has eyes for Big Mama. She is what saved them.

Walter's eyes are on Big Mama's chest. But they will never be the same again.


Walter's Eyes

Big Mama's chest

Hope you kackled today! It does the body good!! Happy weekend!!!


Matty said...

Looks like poor Walter didn't stand a chance. But I think with some thread and careful surgery, he will be as good as new. Hope he has some good health insurance.

Anonymous said...

I'm really trying not to picture how or where you found the evidence. Just tell me you washed those eyes really well before you put them on the dresser! LOL! - G
PS - Love the new photo of you in the sidebar!

Toni said...

Bless Walter's heart...and eyes.

KaLynn said...

Michael now calls him Walter No Eyes. And Winston hates him! If Walter is where Winston can get him, Winston barks and growls! I need to get Walter some new eyes and attach them. Maybe today he will be able to see again!

Pat said...

You scared me for a minute! First I thought it was that cute little cat you befriended, then I thought it was Michael's little dog, and then was relieved to see the photos of the teddy bear! THEN I kackled!

Pat Tillett said...

Are you Rabbit's mom?
If so, I thought I already followed you! Every once in a while blogger seems to drop some of my links. I wonder how many other people I think I'm following, I'm not...