Monday, August 2, 2010

Serving Size??

I made a pot of beans yesterday and wanted some cornbread. Admittedly I am lazy. So I bought a package of cornbread mix.

Have you ever READ the back of a package?

Here is what the one I had looks like:

Now let me ask you, how many of you eat your cornbread straight outta the package? Such as in "3 tbsp of DRY MIX"???

So what do you do? Open the package and spoon out 3 of 'em to each person and say: "Hey mix your own"? Or do you just sprinkle it on the beans and hope it enhances the flavor of the 'em??

I honestly think you could have heard me kacklin' all the way to your house! Did ya wonder what that noise was about 3pm yesterday? Yup, it was me! Michael and I had a grand laugh over this one! I just HAD to share!

Hope you kackled today! Don't worry about the laugh lines! They're much better than those old worry lines!!

PS. Just remember if you need to feed 30 people, spoon out the dry mix. If you only need to feed 6 then use the egg and milk with it. . ..


Simply Suthern said...

Somebody must eat them that way. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Those serving sizes are ridiculous sometimes. 1/4 can of soup? 1/3 cup of cereal? 2 crackers? Who eats like that? - G

f8hasit said...

Love cornbread. I could eat the whole thing...prepared, of course with the milk and eggs. But did you SEE the fat content? 1/3 of the caalories are fat?

Oh my.

And I suppose that is why Victoria Beckham is so darn thin. She'd never eat that cornbread. She advocates 'portion sizes' keep her thin. Bah.

Bring that bag over here darlin' KaLynn. Let's show her a thing or two.

Mrs Montoya said...

Some dry cornbread mix and 8 beans is a proper serving size, I hear. That's most likely why I am not a proper serving size :). And so it goes . . . Thanks for the kackle. It did me good!

Pat said...

And I see there's only a 40 calorie difference between eating a serving of the mix, or a muffin. DUH! Which would you choose?