Thursday, August 12, 2010

I think I need Charm School

I've decided I need Charm School. Ya know learn how to let it roll. . . off the back, like water on a duck's back, breathe, don't let anyone upset me. .

I need to learn how to say "Oh, That's nice."

Which reminds me of the story of the three Southern Women, all sittin' around chattin'. See they hadn't seen each other since high school. They were swappin stories on what they had been up to, who they had married, how many children, etc.

Barbara Jean says, "Oh, my husband loves me sooo much he bought me this big ole house in Memphis in the richest part of town!"

Nancy Faye replies, "Oh, MY husband loves ME so much he bought me a Silver Mercedes! He even paid CASH!"

Sally Ann just smiles and replies, "That's nice."

Barbara Jean says, "Well he loves me so much he bought me this big ole diamond ring!" Showin the ring to the other two.

Nancy Faye says, "OOHH! Mine loves me so much he bought me a mink coat!" Shruggin her shoulders coyly.

Sally Ann just smiles and replies, "That's nice."

The conversation continues on in this vein for several minutes and finally Barbara Jean turns to Sally Ann and says "Well just how much does YOUR husband love you??"

Sally Ann, smilin' says, "Well he loves me so much he sent me to Charm School!"



Sally Ann just smiles and says: "So I can learn to say, That's nice instead of screw you!"

So every time I get upset with someone, I try to remember this little story and just reply, "That's nice". . . .

Have a great day and I hope you kackled just a tee ninesee bit!


Screwed Up Texan said...

Ha! I thought when you said "Charm School" that you meant a place to learn how to bewitch others. Here in Texas we just say, "Bless your heart."

KaLynn said...

Hey Screwed up Texan- we by golly sure do!! Shoulda changed that story! That sounds more better fer shure!!

Matty said...

Nah, I'd rather say screw you. LOL

Pat said...

Great little story...probably a good thing I work from home..I didn't go to charm school. When we set up for crafts shows, it's a good thing Hubby is there to literally step on my toes when a situation arises where I want to scream at a customer or other vendor.
Love the killing with kindness, Bless your heart. Can I say this in Maryland?

Pat said...

I just smile and don't say anything. Now my twin, on the other hand, would spew a lot of four-lettered words that would make your toes curl. I need a little bit of her in me, and she needs a little bit of me in her!

Love the new blog look, by the way!

Valerie said...

Goodness me, a charm school.... I should definitely have gone there... grins.

Hiya, popped over to say thanks for being the first to read the new blog. If you like animals you might like to read all seven parts... only seven, that's not tooooooooo bad, is it?