Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Did you know . . . .

if news casters cannot find the real story that they will make one up?

We had an employee get hurt at work.

A piece of equipment fell and hit his leg. It broke both bones in two places. He had to have surgery last nite and will have to have one, maybe 2 more. But he will be ok. He will be off work for a long time.

What broke on the news was a horrible industrial accident. Equipment weighing 2 tons falling and trapping him underneath, when in reality it weighed more like 5-600 pounds, hit his leg and rolled off. He was not trapped. He couldn't walk and he was in excrutiating pain but he was not trapped.

No one would talk to the ambulance chaser so he made up his own story. No one talked to the ac except me. My words were: He will be fine, he broke his leg. All other questions need to be directed to. . .

There is a reason that I do not watch or believe the news.

What hooey.

I will NEVER watch that news channel again and believe anything they report.

What can you do but kackle at the ambulance chaser and shake your head?


Simply Suthern said...

That is sad. Years ago as we were rolling the stretcher into the Emergency Room with a wreck victim a reporter attempted to block our path for an interview. I haven't had much respect for them since.

Janie B said...

Glad you posted about that. So many take those news reports as gospel. Love your picture on the sidebar, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Wow, can you imagine if a distant relative or friend in another city saw that and didnt know what really happened? They'd be worried sick to death. Such an irresponsible journalist. - G

Matty said...

Write a letter. Complain. Make them accountable.

KaLynn said...

Georgina-The good thing in all this is that they did not have the name of the employee. His mother lives several states away. I know what my mother did when a business caught fire where I was working. She panicked. Couldn't get hold of me.

Matty-I've been writing a letter in my head all morning trying to make it sound good.

Janie-My mother is one of those. Glad you like the picture.

Simply Suthern-I had very little before this, now I have NONE!

Pat Tillett said...

I'm totally with you! I hate the news. Instead of reporting it, they are usually orchastrating it, if not totally making it up.

Thanks for commenting and signing up at my blog!

Pat said...

I would write a letter to the TV station and complain. That's just not right!