Friday, May 6, 2011

And we use Facebook, WHY?

I have been on facebook, been off facebook, now i'm bored and am on facebook again.

what in the world for?

so i can count how many people i know?

i  went to school with 90% of them or grew up with them.

do they know anything about me?

crap no.

it's kinda fun to keep up with grandkids of others,

easier than emailin photos

one place and wala!

there you have it.

but then so does the whole blasted world.

photo there forever.....

ok that's my thought for the day

cheers my fiends!

happy mothers day to those of you who are mothers

happy mothers day to those of you who live with mothers.

make sure they are happy

because we all know.........

if momma aint happy aint nobody happy!!!



Bouncin' Barb said...

I make sure my facebook settings are set to private especially on photo's. It's scary isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I was on, then off then on..after the third time I realized I actually hated fb so I deleated it...way better.....fb drama sucks :)

Happy mums day 2 u :)

Linda Medrano said...

Honey, I'm on facebook too, but I have no idea why. I even have a bunch of "friends" and I don't know how they got there! My daughter in law set me up on it about a year ago. I don't particularly like it or even understand it. Still, I'm there.

Happy Mama's Day to you and yours!

Mynx said...

used to be addicted to facebook. Actually met my two best friends through a game (the universe works in mysterious ways)
Hardly go on anymore now.

Happy mother's day to you too

Valerie said...

I come and go with Facebook. Actually I find it quite a complicated system of communication. I was brought up on the old message boards which were a great deal better. IMO real internet communication can only be done by email. As for pictures, I never publish pics of people, all that goes on are inanimate things. I feel the same about blogs, especially those that contain pics of children. I find that very worrying. My mother's day came and went last month but I don't mind sharing yours. Thanks. Have a happy one.

Matty said...

I have a personal FB account that I rarely use. I go there now and then to see what's up with my extended family, but even then it's really more for reading than making an entry.

I also have a separate account just for my blog.

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

I have two. One I deactivated several times, then changed the password. Then deactivated and now I cant remember the password. The other is my first one that I CAN remember the password and I was bored the other day so I reactivated it. It had no friends. So I had to go search for friends. I was lonely......HAHAHAAA!!

Now I wonder WHAT WAS I THINKIN???

gayle said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love facebook..I'll be your friend!!