Monday, May 23, 2011

Since I've been gone. . .

Well, Mother's Day came and went. TWICE. Once I spent with Layne, shoppin. And then later dinner with the ones that live here. Then I've been to the zoo with the grands and their momma the followin weekend.

Done a new drawing.

Cleaned out a big ole flower bed, transplanted 45 irises, pulled the weeds in the alley. (BTW-my hand hurt. My legs hurt. My arms hurt. My butt even hurts.)

Then Mom's coming next month, the month after that I'm off to see customers, then, then .  . school starts the next month. . .

But I've thought of you guyeses often.

I talk to ya.

I've taken pictures of the zoo for ya.

Just for you guyeses.


and otters after bird feathers!

oh my!

Cheers my friends! Til we meet again!


Anonymous said...

great pics, busy life...I got tired just readuing it :)

Bouncin' Barb said...

In Jersey we said "Yous Guys". This reminded me of that. Thanks for the pictures busy lady.

Pat said...

You sure that last photo isn't someone's hand in a brown boxing glove? Ha ha~