Saturday, May 7, 2011

My son

My son is so talented!

I sit in amazement every day with the new creations he comes up with.

Since he has been living with me he has shown me all kinds of stuff to do with my own art.

Today I am searching pictures of flowers to paint.

I want to add texture and paint a simple flower.

He has shown  me all kinds of stuff.

Things just pop out of his hand and head EVERY DAY!


Click Here, go look!
Have a great weekend! And find something to create!


Anonymous said...

I agree, his art is amazing and his spirit is beautiful :)

Happy weekend

Bouncin' Barb said...

I repeatedly tell Micael that he amazes me with the myriad of things he creates almost daily. His 'vision' of things is incredible.

Pat said...

Wow! Very talented indeed!

gayle said...

Your son is very talented!!! So are you!

Jane said...

I love the makeover here!

~L said...

Good to share talent, especially with your son. Enjoy each other. Peace. ~L