Monday, May 30, 2011

A memorable Memorial Day

Well, we had a rather active day today. A roaring house fire, a duples, that caught the house next door on fire, that jumped several houses, a mobile home, and hit a shed, then jumped another house and garage and a street and caught another shed on fire. All within a block.

Four families lost their home, one has a home that is damaged. One has a shed that is gone that almost melted the one side of his mobile home, and then the shed is owned by a lady that lives several street over.

Rumors have it that 5 or 6 kiddos under 5 lived in the duplex, two separate families, in the larger side. An elderly gentleman that had lived in the other side of the duplex has lived there for decades. I'm not sure about the last house to burn.

Three of the places have been bulldozed. And is still smouldering.

We had 14 fire departments here, 27 units and 87 firefighters, police, EMTS here. It started at 3 pm and they drove away about 9:30 pm.

Mic and I were over at a neighbors house wetting her fence, house and roof,  and were amazed that the heat was sooo very strong 3 houses away. It was like being in an oven. And the firefighters were in the midst of all this. 

I salute all these guys and gals.

Red Cross is taking donations for these folks and if you contact me with donation wants I will give you the local information.

Please lift all these people, homeless and firefighters and crew up in your prayers tonite.

I still smell fire.


Valerie said...

Oh yea! Well done, Michael.

Pat said...

At least no one was hurt. That's the main thing, right? It was nice that you and your son pitched in to help. Plus I don't think we give enough credit to our local fire and police departments for all their hard work. I'm glad you and your family are okay, too.

Pearl said...

Oh, how terrible! I watched a house in the neighborhood burn when I was six, and I've always been impressed/terrified by how dangerous and destructive fire is...


KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

Well I was wrong. Only 2 families lost their homes. The ones in the duplex. I was originally told there were folks in the white house and that 2 families lived in one side of the duplex. Neverthe less, everyone was okay.

My house still smells like smoke. The neighborhood still smells. And I drive by these homes every day and almost cry.