Monday, May 2, 2011

What's the deal Mother Nature???

Last month it was 90.

No rain for months. Burn bans all over.

Then last week rain, tornados and other severe weather.

This month it is snowing in Amarillo TX and it 50 here in Central Texas!!

What's the deal, Mother Nature?
Think she's kacklin' at us??


Simply Suthern said...

Uh, I think she pretty much rules the roost and does however she pleases. Got a problem with that?? I wouldnt tick her off. LOL

Pat said...

No freaking kidding! The sun is finally coming out in IL after two weeks of rain. I was beginning to think that we needed to build a boat!

Janie B said...

All we get is rain and floods here! Getting annoying!

Valerie said...

And here in my part of the UK we're crying out for rain. We even missed the April showers. It's very hot today and the grass is screaming for a drink.