Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jack did it to me again. . . .

I was soo tired last night I crashed on the couch watchin tv.

This is gettin to be a habit.

I get still and zonk out.

After about 2 hours of zonk on the couch, I decide it's time for bed.

I get in the bed and almost immediately zonk out again.

Midnight rolls around and the dogs have to switch places. Jack goes under the covers, Harlie comes out. Scrappers stays put.

Now, I can NOT sleep bunched up like a wadded up paper towel goin in the trash.

I have got, GOT, to have leg room. These dogs like to sleep close, so trying to move them all about with my feet becomes a chore.

Harlie decided she was sleeping ACROSS the end of the bed, and even on a queen size bed that's a purty good chunk of my bed.

Jack wants to sleep snuggled beside me but touching Harlie.

Scrappy is next to me on the other side.


So I begin the chore of moving dogs so I can stretch out.

In the process, I think Baxter is in the bed too. I feel a fuzzy round head.

Wow. Bax is here.

HOW did Bax get here?

I din't put him up here. He cain't get up here without me puttin him up here.


I immediately wake all dogs as I scramble across the bed for the light on that side of the bed and begin to ever gingerly, so as not to waken the thing in my bed, pull up the covers to see WHAT is in my bed this time!

PLEEEEEaSE do not let it be another dead animal!

Turns out it is this:

only in purple. . .

Jack had brought it with him when he went to bed last nite and I din't notice. I din't stay under the coers either. It went out! Across the room. .

To scare me when I get up in the dark and step on it, I guess. . .

Happy day! Hugs!


Anita said...

I could picture everything you said, and it's a funny sight.

It reminds me of when I was pregnant with my third child. My 4 year old and 2 year old would get into bed with my husband and me. One day, I just lost it, and told the two kids to "get out!" Little feet kicking into my pregnant self had taken me over the edge.

Maybe you won't get to that point. lol

Well at least you got the purple stuffed creature out.

A dead animal? Ugh! Let's hope not!

Valerie said...

Did you ever think of getting a bed for them and have yours to yourself..... yeah, I know... impossible. Dogs will be dogs. At least I only had one!

Anonymous said...

I have two beds for my pooch, but she insists on sleeping in mine...lol

Micael "Rabbit" Chadwick said...
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KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

Anita-Some days I jsut give up and sleep across the bed like Harlie!

Valerie-Every dog has their own bed. They think those are for daytime only though. We have tried closing the doors but then we are kept awake by the scratching on the door. . .

David-yep, we spoil our four leggeds very much!

Pat said...

It was dead alright....thank God it was STUFFED! Too funny!

Bouncin' Barb said...

Oh the things we do for the love of our pets. But they don't understand that we humans need our sleep. Those lucky dogs get to sleep all day.

Pastor Sharon said...

Too funny! Our dogs are bed hogs. The funny thing is, we have a king size bed and I still get only a small portion to sleep on. The rest is for our 8 pound Chorkie, who insists she needs leg room. Go figure!