Monday, June 20, 2011


Scrappy, one of my original poops, had an accident on  Thursday.

What we don't know.

I got a call from Michael at 4:14 to come home and get Scrappers and get him to the vet.

His eye was coming out of his head.

I made it home in 20 minutes.

Normally it is closer to 28-30.

Was at a vet 3 minutes later.

He had left for town.

I followed him to the Emergency Room for pets.

The longer we had to wait the more it popped out of his head.

It was 6:40 pm before a vet showed up at the clinic.

He has had an emergency just as he was leaving his practice.

He has Scrappy in surgery about 30  minutes later.

We shall see if he has sight in his eye, if his eye will stay in the socket. If if if if if if...........

On the 27th.

Scrappy normally (though a tad skinnier here in '07).

Scrappy thursday nite

Scrappy on Friday morn

Scrappy on Saturday

Scrappy on Sunday.

As you can see the progression is improving daily. He still has great movement in his eye. The vet said that before surgery, his pupil was pinpont but after surgery it was larger. The swelling is just about gone. It was not as oozy this morning. So Maybe, all will be good.

(FYI-rewetting/lubricating drops for contact lens is great to keep the protracted eye moist. Which is EXTREMELY important. We went through a whole bottle in 3 hrs.)

We are thinking that something fell on him because he is real, and I mean REAL, skitish when things move unexpectantly. He about jumps out of his skin. Poor baby.

He has to stay this way til 3 pm on Monday, the 27th.

Needless to say, yesterday and today, he has begun to milk it.


Michael says Miss Scarlet has nothing on Mr Scrappers.

Except maybe that she can put the backof her hand on her forehead and say Ohhh Myyyyy.....

He groooooaaaans.......

And another day goes by.........


Pure de ROTTEN.


Pat said...

Oh my gosh, I sure hope the little fella will be okay! That looks awful! I love how he's milking it, though!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness me.. first he is a darling dog (love his name).. I know your nerves were shot...yeah, I think Mr Scrapper will milk this attention all the way until 2:59 on the 27th!!

Jotter Girl said...

Between you and Micael, those doggie have you two wrapped around their little paws! Seriously, I'm glad your pup is going to be okay.

Nydia said...

I'm Nydia, Michael's friend from Brazil. I'm so sorry for your sweet Scrappy! Just came to know about it via Michael's FB post, and wanted to add my get well wishes for him. I'll keep this sweetie in my thouhts tonigt, I hope he heals as fast as possible, poor thing!

Hang in there.

Kisses from Nydia.

Pastor Sharon said...

Oh how pitiful!

That must have been really scary!

I'm glad Scrappy is coming along well so far.

you are all in my prayers, especially Scrappy!

Simply Suthern said...

Sorry to hear about Scrappy.

Dogs are tough.

Valerie said...

Praying that Scrapper will be okay. I hate it when animals are sick, poor helpless things. Smiled at him milking it, though.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Poor baby. That had to hurt him. Eye pain is nasty from what I hear. I hope he's fully healed by the 27th and his sight fully restored. Jeez, that had to be a fright for you.

Jhon Baker said...

I've been keeping up with Scrappers on Micael's blog - my heart goes out to him and you - I hate it when a loving creature gets damaged like this. In a few months he wont realize that something is missing and your bond to him will only grow - love is like that.

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

Thank you all for your prayers and concerns! It is very much appreciated!

They did tell me in the visit last nite that it is very good that he has super good motion in his eye! He stands a good chance of regaining his sight!

So rmember is you have pets, keep rewettin drops for contact lenses just in case you need them to keep an eye moist til the doc can get there. .