Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday morning, I woke up to the original stitch sticking out of Scrappy's eye lid.

We went to vet and he removed them both. Since today was 10 days, he felt like it was close enough.

Scrappy will more than like never look like this again.

When whatever hit him, it seems to have tore the muscle in the inner corner of his eye and so it will not pull back in. It looks to the outside corner. The muscle could heal but it could not too.

He can see a little bit, I think. He now closes his eye if I come close to it. I am going to call my eye doctor tomorrow and see if there are exercises that could help.

If not, he's still my baby.

Thanks for all the prayers! They were answered. He has sight and he gets to keep his eye!

Hugs to all my friends!

Scraps sends hugs too and if you're in the neighborhood, he would love to sit in your lap and act puney. He's good at that. . . .


Mynx said...

Such good news. Hugs for you and Scrappy

Valerie said...

Yes it is good news and I feel happy for little Scrappy.

Simply Suthern said...

Glad hes doing better

Pat said...

Scrappy - you'll love him no matter what! Glad he's healing okay!

Pat Tillett said...

Oh Scrappy! hang in there...

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

Thanks all!

The longer he goes the more better it looks.

Not as swollen, but still gets very red when he is tired.

He finishes his oral antibotics tomorrow night. We still have antibotic drops for his eye and I'm not sure when to stop those. .