Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday night for my birfday . . .

JD was suppose to take me out to dinner. The grandsons were getting to spend the night. So I was going to eat with JD, Amy, (His gf) and the boys.

The boys mom, Chele, couldn't make it. Then Layne and her family couldn't make it. Rabbit lives in another town. So I was rather sad that they were not going to be there. BUT I had the 3 of the 4 youngest, handsomest men in my life for dinner! (3 out of 4 ain't bad, right) So I was all excited!!!

I pick up the boys and off we go to Logan's. I call JD so he can meet us there. HMMM. He is ALREADY there. . weird.

We walk in to the restuarant and I call him because I cannot find him. It is sooo crowded! I am thinking we are not ever gonna get to eat! Whew! He already has a table! He leads us, well, sorta, he keeps pointing to the back and steppin to the side for me to go ahead. LIKE I KNOW WHERE WE ARE GOIN! (I was gettin a little aggravated here to tell ya the truth. I was like just get on to the table and quit messin around!)

Finally we get to the back and I look up. My good friend, Wendy, and her husband are at the end of the table! I glance at the rest of the table, it goes on FOREVER! ALMOST ALL MY 'ADOPTED' KIDS ARE THERE!! WITH THEIR FAMILIES!!! I am in shock!! This was overwhelmming!! I almost cried! But kackled instead!! This was AWESOME!!

I go around and hug and kiss all my kids and grands and sit down. Then ANOTHER one of my kids show up! I had missed TWO BOOTHS of people!! I had only looked at the 5 -6 tables that were put together!! AND THEN LAYNE SHOWED UP!! This was AMAZING!!

It was soo much fun!! The best time I have had in YEARS!! To have almost all my kids and good friends in one spot at one time!! We were havin such a grand time we forgot pictures!
Then afterwards we went back to Amy's and had cake and candles! JD made a cake, all by himself, decorated it with a big red K, outlined in blue, with red dots on the sides! IT WAS A TOTALLY AWESOME BIRFDAY!! Here are a couple of pics of the cake celebration:

The flames were the color of the candles!! So cool!!

I asked the grands, Kasey, Mar and Gabe, to help me blow them out.

Here is a list of my kids that got to attend dinner:
(B)Son, JD, Amy (granddaughter, Peyton was missing tonite)
(B)Grandsons, Marshal and Gabriel
(B)Daughter, Layne, hubby, and granddaughter, Chey
(A)Son, Eric and granddaughter, Kasey
(A)Son, Chase, Kim and granddaughter, Hayden
(A)Son, Travis, Ashley and granddaughter, Dani
(A)Son, Chris, (Hannah and grandbaby on the way, missin because she was out of town)
(A)Son, Micah
(A)Son, Dustin and gf

Motorcycle Sons:
Majik and friend
Greg and Becky and son, Gunner

(B)Son, Rabbit
(B)Daughter, Chele
(A)Son, Dustin
(A)Son, Shaun
(A)Son, Mikey
(A)Daughter, Nikki

This was the BEST birthday in a long time!! I definitely Kackled alot this night!!

Hope you do too today!!


Menopausal New Mom said...

You have a Hell of a family, I'm so glad to read that you had a wonderful birthday!! Happy Birthday (again) girl! Sounds awesome and I sure would like a slab of that cake with my coffee right now!


KaLynn said...

Thanks Deb! It WAS wonderful! I have yet to cut the K on that cake! I keep taking little pieces out of the sides! But it is getting close to being annihilated!

DUTA said...

That's what we call a 'surprise party'. You weren't expecting all those family members and friends.
It sounds like you've had the best birthday party ever.

Happy Birthday to you!

Dutch donut girl said...

Hey, my birthday was Thursday, but I kept it low key.

Sounds like you have been treated like a rockstar.
That cake looks yummy!

Happy belated birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday!

I'm soooo glad you had cake. A b-day is not a b-day without cake.

Yes, I have a cake fetish.

LOVE the stars!

Although it made finding the post a comment link a wee bit harder to find. Hope you don't mind me mentioning it. *smile*

KaLynn said...

Quirky-is it really harder to find? is it the color of the words or just the comment thing in general? Oh the cake was yummy!!

Duta-thanks loads! it was a blast!!

Dutch Donut Girl-Happy Belated Birthday!! Yours is the same day as JD's!! Maybe I'll remember it next year!

Matty said...

Happy 39th birthday KaLynn! That cake looks so appropriate for you, and the grands look like gems. Sounds like it was a great time.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you got to spend it with so many loved ones. What a great birthday present!

KaLynn said...

Thanks Matty and Theresa!! IT WAS AMAZING!! I am one lucky lady!!