Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sorry for the delay. . .

This week has been a nutso week!

To start off: No water on Monday night through Tuesday A.M.

I had the Brit Lit test on Tuesday morn. Then had to read Everyman that night.  It is a play written in Old English I guess. Words in the sentence are backwards, so you have to read it once and then reread it the RIGHT way. It is 25 pages long. Imagine how long it takes to read. .

Computer lecture class: Forgot the homework. Forgot to read the chapter. Forgot about the class period. Until 4:30 in the afternoon. Class starts at 5:30. .

Computer lab class: Turned the in the powerpoint presentation I had been working on so much that I forgot the lecture part. Of course, the lecture part of the class is 75% of the grade while the lab is 25%. BUT THE LAB IS MORE FUN!

Got the results of the British Lit test on Thursday morn. BAAAAD. 79. I had rewritten the essay part 3 times. Think I should have left the first one. . Got the Knights and bad guys from two stories mixed up. Dr. Teach was not happy.

She decided not to give us the reading quiz on Everyman because we did so bad. So now the quiz is on the same day as the History test, and the same day the huge Computer lecture assignment is due.

Do these teachers get together and say: "OH LET'S HAVE ALL OUR TESTS AND BIG ASSIGNMENTS DUE ON THE SAME DAY???"

So today I'm comparing 3 computer systems, ones that I have to piece together, mind you, from atleast 3 different "stores". I need the best system with the best memory, with the best yada yada yada for the best price. No more than $1200, including shipping and tax. No, I did not just start this. But it is the final day I can work on it. AND OF COURSE I FIND A GLITCH.

A Gateway computer. On the Gateway website, the specs are all great but I can not buy it at, which I just realized today. . I have to buy it at Best Buy, that is the ONLY place for this particular computer.

And guess what? Best Buy's specs are not the same as Gateway's for the same model. WHAT???  Gateway says the memory is a DDR3, Best Buy says DDR2. Hello??? Then the Gateway says the memory is expandable to 8GB, Best Buy: NOT EXPANDABLE.

So now I am waiting on Teach to reply to an email. ON SUNDAY. Whatever. Not gonna happen. Looks like this project is NOT going to be finished today after all.

Back to listening to Podcasts of History. .

And reading Everyman once again. . Does anyone want to come read a part? There are about 15 openings. .

Send coffee, I think it's gonna be a long day!

Oh yeah.

Happy Valentine's Day to all you bloggie friends!!

Here's a rose and some chocolates for ya! They are the diet kind! No calories!

Hugs and kisses to all!

Kackle today! It does a body good!

PS. Maybe I'll get bck on track soon! I'm missin' you guyses!


CatLadyLarew said...

Miss you too, KaLynn! We should borrow Cupid's arrows and run those instructors through for having all the tests on the same day!

Matty said...

Hang on in there with the classes. You're doing great.

Happy Valentine's Day, and thanks for the sweets.