Thursday, February 18, 2010

A vivid imagination!

I have dropped the English class. It was just too much! When I did that, even after talking to my teach, I felt like the weight of the world lifted off of me.

I was so free. I have been giggling. Giggling til tears fall. I see stuff that NO ONE else would see. Well, maybe Rabbit. .

Layne and I were on our way to a friend of mine's yesterday. I was rubber neckin'. (I stayed in my lane. Really. It was hard, but I did it.)

I was lookin' off to the right of the road. I kept lookin' lookin' lookin'.  There is this weird lookin' building with poles. It was a two story purple, blue or something like that, with yellow or orange trim. Reminded me of a tiki hut without a tiki roof. And it's two story. It has these big poles all around it. With silver or white wrapped at the top with something stickin' out, fallin' over the side. I'm tryin to figure out what this weird stuff is when I finally break down and ask Layne to tell me what it is.

Takes her a minute. Then she tells me. Well, duh. I start to chuckle. Then belly laugh. Then snort. I cain't breathe too good, I'm laughin so hard. The tears are rollin' down my face.

She asks me what it the matter? I try to tell her in an EXTREMELY high pitched voice, with laughter comin' in spurts between words: "THEY LOOK (gasp, laugh, gasp) LIKE POLES WITH (gasp, kackle, gasp) HUMANS  (kackle, gasp, kackle, kackle) TAPED UP THERE (kackle, kackle, kackle) WITH THEIR HEAD (KACKLE, KACKLE, KACKLE) , HAIR AND (GASPIN', KACKLE, KACKLE, KACKLE, GASPIN') HANDS HANGIN'  (KACKLE, KACKLE, KACKLE, KACKLE) OVER THE SIDE!" Of course it takes me THREE attempts to tell her this because I cain't talk! I am also makin' hand motions with all this.

I probably should have stopped on the side of the road. But I dint. I drove, not breathin', and makin' hand motions, and oh, yeah, HEAD motions. . .

WHO in their RIGHT mind would think up this stuff????


Only a nutso person would come up with the 'visions' I see in stuff. I told Layne that atleast it is never borin' ridin' with me!

Hope you kackled today!! Does a body good!!


June said...

I have weird visions too... or maybe it's my vision is bad?

You are not alone!

CatLadyLarew said...

Good for you for going easy on yourself and dropping one of your classes. You need that extra time to scan the area for tiki huts! Ha!

KaLynn said...

If I can remember my camera next time I go that way, I'm takin a picture of this!

Mrs Montoya said...

You MUST take a picture of that next time. I don't even get it, but cracked up with your written description of cracking up. Thanks for the Kackle!! Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I am with Mrs. Montoya...
I don't get it either. And you'd think after almost 34 years of this that I, of all people, would!!!

Where on earth is there a weather-proofed Tiki hut down there???

Or is this like the Mothership coming to visit that night???

Lawdy Miz Clawdy - with you th'aint no tellin'.

I want pics!!!

Pat said...

Sometimes we push ourselves too hard and just make ourselves miserable. Sounds like you made the right move in dropping the class.

Humans hanging from palm trees or tiki poles? Oh my! You DO have quite an imagination!

KaLynn said...

ok ok! Actually I thought it was a totem pole thingy. Really. I am going to have to get a picture of this. And I can GUARANTEE that none of you will see what I saw! Who knows what goes on in my head!

Linda Medrano said...

KaLynn, it sounds like your eyes are about like mine. That's not always a bad thing. I'm over 50 too (by more than I care to share) and look like Angelina Jolie's younger prettier sister. So keep on seeing totem poles as hairy folks hanging over buildings. No harm in that at all!