Saturday, February 6, 2010

text message

Have you ever gotten one of these text messages?

"MY NEW NUMBER IS 555-456-1233"?

Oh cool. They have a new number. What is the old number? What is old person? Or is this a new person?

So I text back:


The answer: "IT'S ME SEXY (LASTNAME)"

It's a friend of mine's brother. The Loon. (I guess he had to differentiate between him and his Sis. .)

I almost fell out of the booth in the restaurant laughin'! JD thought I was laughin' at him! Got THE Look over that one!

So Mr. Sexy called me when I told him: "ROFL! You kill me! Made me laugh!"

He LOVES to do this to me!

Last summer, I got this call:

"Hey, how cha dowin'? I'm moovin' back down thera and I won't be too far frum cha. Aren't cha still in (town)?" (It's hard to get the Yankee accent in the type but I was tryin'!)(You would be laughin' if you could see me talkin like him!)

me: "yeah, how are ya doin'? So when are ya movin' back? (In my mind, I'm thinkin': WHO IS THIS? Is one of my drunken days of several ago comin' back to haunt me? Did I give my phone number to someone who moved to NYC? Who do I know anyone from Yankee land? WHO is this?????)

He talks a bit.NEVER EVER EVER tellin' me his name but tellin' me when he gets down here he will call. We hang up.

I rack my brain. I start to call a couple of friends (both from high school) and decide not to. Why advertise that someone has my phone number that I do not know and they are movin' within two hours of me, right? Can you imagine the kacklin' that would be goin' on? So I google the phone number. DANG! It's a cell phone. . . . GRRRRRRRRR.  . BUT I did find out it was from Pennsylvania or maybe not. I can't remember. But it was in the vicinity.

Finally I can't stand it. I call back.

"Ok. I give. WHO ARE YOU?"

He laughs: Rick (lastname)

OH MY GOSH! I have not talked to him in several years! HE STILL HAD MY PHONE NUMBER!

The Loon!

I should know when I get a weird no name phone call or text it is from The Loon!

He's from Connecticut. See same vicinity. . .

Hope you kackled today.  . . I'm off to read The Canterbury Tales for a test.



blueviolet said...

I hope there are no loons in my past that have my phone number!

Anita said...

Thanks for the laugh, and I'm going to take this post as a warning to keep my number as private as possible. :)

KaLynn said...

Oh please don't misunderstand! Rick is a great guy and we have talked in the past, we just go for months or sometimes several year without talking. He's just a prankster! In fact, we kinda dated back in high school and then he moved and we lost touch for many years. It's fine that he had my number. His sister asked me before she gave it to him.

Anonymous said...

This made me Kackle today and I hope I can make you Kackle too. I linked to your blog today!

Cheers - G

TC said...

Thank goodness my son prefaces his new numbers with this is Jeff, I wouldn't have known otherwise huh? Now did you ever have guys on facebook.......

Pat said...

My cell phone has caller ID, so a lot of the time I know who it is calling me before I answer. But then there are the times when I see the phone number and wrack my brain trying to figure out who is calling even while I answer the phone and then I' not paying attentioN!

KaLynn said...

Geo-Thanks for the link! You make me laugh alot!

TC-It makes it much easier when they do that, doesn't it? Now what about FB?

Pat-This came up No Name! So when he called me after telling who it was, I answered: "Hello, No Name, How are you?"

Mrs Montoya said...

you always crack me up! and I am sure of this, but i am the only person in the western hemisphere that doesn't text. odd, i know. i might consider it if i knew i'd get a laugh like yours!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a funny text to get, but texts are pretty funny anyway.