Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Birfday Thom!

There are few friends here that I have known longer or kept in touch with as I have Thom and Merrie.

We met back in March 1991 through the latest and last ex. Through thick and thin we have remained friends.

Thom had a birfday last week and for the first time in almost 19 years I did not call or send a birfday message. (Normally, I call when I know they are not home and sing a VERY BAAAAD Happy Birfday.)

I saw them last night and they told me they noticed I had not called. So Thom got an extra hug!

These folks taught me how to laugh. Thom has played so many jokes on me I have lost count and cannot remember them all. (He probably can though.)
I love these two people like they were born in my family. And to me they ARE my PICKED family.

As I was going through pictures the other day, I found this. They had come over for Layne's graduation cook out and we were sitting in a circle laughin and cuttin up.

Happy Birfday Thom! Thanks for all the laughs and love over the years!!
As always keep kacklin makes for happy memories!


gayle said...

It's so wonderful to have friends that you have known forever and love!

Anonymous said...

What a nice birthday shout out! Having long-time friends like that make you laugh endlessly is what life is really all about! - G

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

These two are delightful to be around!!