Monday, December 20, 2010

too much informational emails

Hey you guys!
Have a great weekend? Do you tell EVERYONE in your email list? I have a couple of email buddies that send me UPDATES about once a month.........which I forward over to a friend of mine to let him know what he is missing.......

So being my smart a-leck self. I did my own. I'm not emailing it but I will blog it!!! Here is mine:

Hey everyone,

I know none of you have asked bout my weekend but I feel the urge to let you know anyway.

When I got off work on Friday, I did, um, let me see. hmmm. I guess I think I'm pretty sure I went to WalMart and bought something. Then on the way home I called home to see what they wanted for supper. So I stopped at the local diner and picked up my order.

Then headed home to relax and watch TV.

Then went to bed. And slept.

Saturday morning I woke up.

Made coffee and drank a whole pot.

I did something with someone but I'm not exactly sure what. But hey, since you really don't care, then it ain't important, right? But I need an email to go out to all of you, right??

I talked to my most wonderful children that can do no wrong and just make the world so much brighter just by breathing the air and living on this most wonderful earth. My kids just rock! They are the most talented, smartest, most beautiful, best children that were ever born.

So after that, I ran to the store beause I need to finish up my Christmas shopping. I stopped by the most expensive stores and chatted up all the personnel and told them all about how much money I have and what I am giving every one on my lists! And my gosh my list is LONG too!

Now I went home afterwards with my car loads to the gils! And then I had to unload my presents by myself because all of my wonderful and happy family were all gone doing their most expensive Christmas shopping for all their wonderful and delightful friends.

I almost couldnt wait to get to the bathroom! I had had so many Starbucks that I almost wet my pantss! Imagine!

Saturday night I went to bed. And slept. I was EXHAUSTED.

I dreamed of some super wonderful hunk of a man, that did all my laundry and cooked up the most delicious meals.

Sunday morning I woke up. Darn it! Right at the good part too! hmph.

I made coffee again and drank a whole pot. Oh sure I shared with other family members but I mean by my self I drank a whole pot. Which made me to the bathroom LOTS!

I cleaned the house too. Swept and mopped, vacuumed and washed 16+ loads of clothes. Changed all the sheets on the beds. Washed blankets and bedspreads. Dog beds. Fed and watered them too. Then slaved over a hot stove and made some candy while waiting for clothes to dry.

Then relaxed and watched tv.

Went to bed. And slept. And probably farted in my sleep.

Monday morning I woke up. Got up, turned the coffee on, took my shower, got dressed, put my makeup on, blew my hair dry. Prolly went to the bathroom too. I'm not sure I was pretty sleepy. I had such an exhausting weekend.

Well, that was my weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine.

Hugs and lots of love..........

Of course some are not as detailed but some just about are! I wonder why ANYONE would send emails like this out. Just amazes me. I have close friends that we tell each other stuff but we never get as detailed as some of the emails I get about kids and people I do not know. OR WANT to know. I know Iknow this is how blogs came about. But even all the blogs in blogger land that I have read are not like these emails.

If you want to know about my weekend, you ask. IF I want to know about yours, I will ask. Believe me. I will promise. And I promise NOT to tell you when I go to the potty. Unless you really want to know or you are there with me. ON THE PHONE! Come on! I do not need my hand held honest! I can go by myself.

And now those of you who know my awesome, snarky son, Michael, now know where he gets his snarkiness. . . It comes naturally. It's in the jeans or genes, whichever way you wanna look at it. I got it from my parents. All both of them. I grew up in a snarky family. My kids grew up in a snarky family. We are snarky. I try not to be snarky. But sometimes it just OOOOOOZES out of me..........

Well maybe you got a kackle out of this! I got a kackle out of writing it. Really. . .


Pat Tillett said...

You are so right...TMI!
Same thing on Facebook...TMI!

Nick Thomas said...

Snarky, but nice! Have a happy Christmas. Nick

gayle said...

You are right TMI. Facebook too......seems like all mom's post are how their kids are so awesome and sweet. I think to myself. Yea .......right!

Pat said...

Wait. So you DON'T want to know about my bathroom rituals?

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

ya'll make me laugh! and pat, uh, NO! =0D

Valerie said...

I bet the fact that I woke up this morning would really make you laugh, not to mention the first task in hand.... Agree, it's a bit like that on Facebook! Have a nice day.

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

Wait, what was that about the kids again?