Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday update

Well, I THINK all the tests have been run. Today was a lung biopsy and a bone marrow. Both extremely painful.

Spinal tap came back no minny gitis.

Prelim blood results came back no CMV, but we will have to wait for positive NO from bone marrow test.

He is going crazy because he does not feel sick, even though the tests say he should be in bed. He has lived this way so very long that this is the norm. One nurse told him she didn't know how he was doing so good because if she had all that he she would be in a ball crying.

Today he is still steady. It is weird, he went to the doc to get back on the meds and then we couldn't leave. Got stuck in a examining room for 8 hours because of all the counts. What should have been high was low, what should have been low was high.

I must admit that it scared the crap outta me. When docs look worried and concerned, it makes me worried and concerned. Yesterday, another ID doctor came in and explained so much stuff to me.

So that is all I have today.

Plus I think the auditor at work is gone. I think. No guarantees though.

Cheers my friends! Thanks so much for the prayers  and well wishes, and thoughts and all the good stuff that you good guyeses do.


Bouncin' Barb said...

We all love Micael! No thanks needed. He's an awesome individual isn't he?

Belle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the painful tests. My husband has carcinoid syndrome, a rare form of cancer, and has had many tests. I hope your hubby will be home soon.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hey Sweetie, so sorry to hear of what is happening. Today is the first I've read about it and I'm feeling just terrible about it.

Prayers and positive vibes are heading your way from up here in Canada,

Hugs to you and the family,

Mynx said...

good news. Time for mum to breathe a little now.
Hugs for you

Valerie said...

I reckon Michael is the bravest man. The award for bravest mom goes to you.

Pat Tillett said...

I've been out of town more than at home lately. I didn't know any of the details as to what is going on. That son of yours is one strong hombre. Please give him my regards. Every positive though thought I can muster is flying his way...
I'm sure this is hard on you as well. hang in there.

Chatty Crone said...

I guess I am new here, but i am sorry about your husband - hope all will be okay.

quieten said...

Just read about Michael. Hope you got good news and that he is home again. I'll be thinking of you and praying that all goes well.

Jane said...

I'm sure all the tests are horrible and it has got to be stressful. I'm so glad he is back home with you and Winston.

gayle said...

One of the pit falls of not blogging is not finding out things! This is the first I have heard about Micheal being in the hospital again! I am so very sorry! Please tell him I am thinking of him! Thoughts and prayers for you both!