Monday, August 8, 2011

It's gonna be a ruff week. . . .

So let me whine a bit. And yes Cheese would be great with it.

Over the weekend I made a new bag. If it could go wrong, well not necessarily WRONG, but not quite right, it did.

I sewed the strap with too much seam. WHICH I figured out AFTER I had wrestled with it for 45 minutes getting it turned right side out. . .

Then had to rip it out and start again......AND since I had cut the corners off, I had to shorten it. . .

Then I measured the buttonholes, did then, cut them and realized that the last one was not right. Oh well.  . .

Until Michael said, well if he wants a longer strap, then that won't work........

So I cut the strap again, in the middle of the last button hole, undid the sewing and resewed. 

Instead of 4 buttons now , (not 5 because the store did not have 20, only 16), the bag got 12. . .

I laughed so much over this stinkin bag! I figured that was MUCH better than cryin! (or cussin!)

Even had to take the buttons off a couple of times... They are sewed together on each sid,e so two buttons came off and once and went back on together.

Then last nite, I wanted to make enchiladas, rice and beans.

So off to the store I go. Get the stuff and come home to begin dinner.

No chili powder! No cumin!  No red pepper!

WHAT? How can I make enchiladas??? Tony's will work Michael says.

Ok, so I use that. Cut the onions, fry the meat.

Get the corn tortillas out.

Try to roll them into enchiladas.

Try again. And again.

FORGET IT! We're have enchilada casserole!

Michael laughs and says why not enchiladas?


Again HE laughs!

I get ticked! The flat tortillas out of the pan THROW them on the table.

And calmly try AGAIN.


He is in the floor laughin by now.

It is NOT funny.

We end up having casserole.

So I start on the rice.

It is rice a roni stuff.

I forget that I am to saute the rice in butter.

I put the water in the pan, add the butter and throw everything else in.

THEN read instructions.....


Turns out I was suppose to DRAIN the tomatos.

We had soupy rice, unrolled enchiladas, and refried beans.

BTW-You can't cook soupy rice til it is not soupy.

It burns.

You have to then change pans.

So today, Layne, who works with me, leaves to go see boyfriend graduate from Boot Camp in Cali.

She will be gone a week.

Guess who gets to do all her work? Me, all my work that I have passed off to her to do, is once again, MY work. . .

And most days I will be all alone, by myself, up here.



I get to turn the music up WAAAAAAAAY loud!!



Simply Suthern said...

It's Chicken one day and Feathers the next.

Valerie said...

I'm exhausted but at least I kept up :O)

Calm down now and dance to the music.

Bouncin' Barb said...

If I could have seen you and Micael on video doing this I would have laughed till I cried. I know how to sew thanks to Home Ec in Jr. High. I made a boyfriend a white jumpsuit (70's) and I was so aggravated, I ripped the seams apart by hand. Not using a tool. Just temper and tearing. I have no patience. I would have thrown those pots and pans in the sink and walked out of the room. I so get your turning up the music!!!!

Pat said...

Happenings like that seem to run in you are due for some good things to come your way. Hope those are wonderful!

Pat Tillett said...

Sometimes our days are all screwed up! The good news was the music. I'm thinking you should have turned it up loud at home also. Hang in there!

Ice Queen said...

The casserole part was the best. That's my typical cooking technique. At least you have good music to get you through!

TexWisGirl said...

laughing at you trying to cook the water out of the soupy rice. :) been there!

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

AND it gets even better. He told me that the next one he wants longways where his laptop goes in longways instead of sideways. So I VOLUNTEER to rip this bag apart and re do it............

It took an hour and a half to completely take it apart

it is still apart......