Monday, August 1, 2011

Reversible bag

MIchael found a website or maybe a blog that had a reversible bag to make on it. Instructions included. It was too cute. So I printed the instructions. The link is Versus  and she has some cool stuff there but she got the idea from  elsie marley  so I ended up over there looking at stuff there too.

I made one for one of my adopted kids. She had a shower on Saturday afternoon so I made her a little diaper bag for those quick trips. It is so cool. Reversible, has buttons on the side so you can make the handle short or longer. Totally awesome.

Well Michael and I wanted a messenger bag. Him for his art stuff and me for my school stuff.

So I modified it. I added pockets, a longer strap and a flap.  It is made from heavy denium and striped ticking I had left over from a rag quilt I made JD a couple of years ago.

This is it without the buttons or button holes. I am going after work to look for buttons that will go on both sides. The buttons are sewn on the ends of the bag both inside and out so you can reverse it. The button holes are on the strap.

This is the blue jean side closed.

This shows the flap and pockets.

On this strap is where the buttonholes go.

This is the inside that is now on the outside!


The reversible bag!

If I can figure out a price, I have 5 sold already! Everyone likes it because you will be able to decide whether to wear it on your shoulder or across your body. With the buttonholes and buttons you can make the strap any length you need or want.

No pattern, just measurements! This one is cut at 16x17 (2 per material) with the flap at 15x16 (1 pr material), strap 3x63 (1 per material). From cut out (onthe second one) it took about 5 hours til it looked like the pictures. The pockets are just left overs from pieces of material laying around. Ithink the are 3x6 with one edge finished and the others not.

One person asked me to put a big pocket across the back so she could carry her customer files and then her laptop in the bag. She wants 2 and she will show it to her co insurance agents!

My boss wants 3!

Now I'm looking for material so I can make these 5 and have a little extra cash!

WooHoo! How's that for a Monday???



Ice Queen said...

That's fantastic! You can have a serious colored one (like black, white, or tan) and then have it be a wild and crazy party on the flip side (like HOT pink). Love it!

Valerie said...

They're really nice. They look quite small in the photograph, I didn't realise they could actually hold a laptop. Wow, when I think how I struggled with a leather computer bag...

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

IQ-Yeah like a black on the outside and pink zebra stripe on the inside!

Val-It really needs to be about an inch wider because the laptop juuust fit. I will post a picture of Michael holding it so you can see how big it really is.

Pat said...

These are adorable! I like the idea of wild/mild. You could use that title. Sell these on Etsy. These could really take off! Hey, maybe you could quit your day job! We could say we knew you when!

Bouncin' Barb said...

Good deal and very creative I say. No wonder Micael is creative too!

SquirrelQueen said...

That is a cute bag. I also like the idea of mild and wild, pink zebra stripe sounds really cool.

gayle said...

Love the Bag!! I sure wish I had had one when I was traveling. They look perfect for the airport and site seeing!! I had to buy a smaller type one in Germany but not as nice as yours!