Friday, August 12, 2011

My son the snarky

I was watching the game show Lingo the other night with four of "the not the brightest bulbs in the box" on there.
For those of you that don't know about Lingo, it's like Bingo only with words. They give you the first letter and a clue and one team has 5 tries to get it right and if they can't it goes over to the other team for a chance. The game tells you whether your word is right, you have the right letters in the wrong place or the right letters in the right place.

So here is a tee ninsey bit of the show:

The clue was: It goes on and on and on. Beginning letter: C.

The females come up with I don't know what 4 times. Time number five, now mind you I'm kicked back in my recliner, with all remotes, almost all dogs, well that is until I start screaming: CHAINS!!
CHAINS!! then all 4 legged kids leave the premises, in favor of something quieter.

The females spell....ChaiMs................Are you kiddin me? Seriously?? Tell me you didn't just do that!

The guys can spell this one. They get it right.

A few more times down the road the guys have given control back over to the girls. Which says a lot from what I have just told you. . OK?

The clue: Come together. Beginning letter: U

Girls are down to time number 4. The letters they have are: UN_ _ E

One of the guys, NOT THEIR TURN MIND YOU,  yells out: UNTIE!!!

Bill Engval, the host, turns and says in his "Here's Your Sign" voice: Not your turn. BE QUIET!

The girls use Untie. "Come together"? Untie?? Really? Seriously? WELL, Alrighty then!

Of course, it is wrong. But they do see that the t and i are in the word, wrong positions.

They at the last moment, of their last try, realize: UNITE!!!

YAY!! They get to go to the bonus round. Now this oughta be a GREAT time...... Not....

Michael walks through the room and states in his deep monotone voice: "I think those four have licked too many window sills as a kid."

I can just picture these four at the window sills of their old homes lickin the sills: "Hey Billy Bob, I'm 'bout dun o'er heer, wanna go to the dinin room and check them winders out?" My visual imagination just goes crazy!  I almost fall out of the chair laughin!

Finally I stop laughin enough and ask him where he comes up with this stuff. He looks at me and  says in his "Here's Your Sign" voice: "Well when you were a kid, didn't they use lead in the paint?" and proceeds out tha back door.

I know this stuff but I never, EVER, REMEMBER this stuff! Until he has his snarky moments. And sometimes, like this time, it still goes flyin over my head. . . .like Harlie after a frisbee. Whoosh!

Cheers my friends!

Have a grand weekend!


Pat Tillett said...

Snarky, but darn funny!
I grew up in the era of yummy lead paint chips also...

Simply Suthern said...

Never licked a window sill. We did use lead based paint tho.

Bouncin' Barb said...

That's what I love about Micael. He is so friggen' quick witted. He just blurts them out one after another. Chatting with him on Yahoo or Facebook never fails to make me laugh. I've seen this show before and I'm not sure they look for smart contestants do they?? haha

Sandra said...

so maybe that is why i can't answer questions on game shows or do math. i licked the window sill when i was young. if daddy told me NOT to lick the window sill i would have done it, even if i did not want to since I was born with Rebel as my middle name. love the Snarky name