Monday, November 16, 2009

The Aliens are BAAAACK!!

They're baaaaaack! GEEEEZ!! They've been here all summer! You would think they woulda had enough of me!! I know I had enough of THEM! Gave me such a headache. Literally.

In fact, the aliens got so bad that they were causing my eyesight to blur.

I was even getting rid of alien after birth on a daily basis. It was soooooo gross!

I kept thinkin' that at some point they would stop givin' birth! BUT NO! Those little buggers kept it up for almost TWO months!! They were worse than rabbits!!

THEN the dead babies began to appear! OH MY GOSH!! There were soo many!! EVERY time I turned around there were more!

Cain't they stop dyin'? Cain't they just go AWAY???

I'm sure I heard the Mothership calling!

Finally I sought the advice of a man who knew how to get rid of them!! Took two full rounds of ammo to get those buggers!

Though I must admit his office staff thought I was a tad KrAzY when I called up askin' for an appointment for aliens.

He walked in asking if I was the woman with Aliens..

I said yep, that's me.

He laughed. Asked me if I had a good sense of humor.

Well, that is a serious possibility.

He calls the aliens by a different name.

He calls them a SINUS INFECTION.

I think the Woman with Aliens in her HEAD is gonna have to go visit him again. .

Kackle a little! Does a body good!


Matty said...

I'm reading this thinking what the heck is she talking about. I get it. I've been lucky that I never get that.

Anonymous said...

They're back here too!!! While I am grateful and all, can we NOT share the Family Package of Snot Monsters (if you don't mind)? You REALLY don't have to share. I won't whine... I won't tell everyone that my mamas won't share her nasal demons with me. I won't complain one danged bit. I promise. They're all yours.....

Anonymous said...

You are a funny lady!

KaLynn said...

Goal accomplished! Didn't want you guys to know what I was talking about til the end!! WOOHOO!!

Menopausal New Mom said...

I swear I had no idea what you were talking about until the end. Made me laugh out loud, as always, entertaining! I think that would qualify as a "Kackle!"

yorksnbeans said...

Being a newbie here, I was really beginning to wonder!!'re a hoot KaLynn!!

KaLynn said...

Glad to make you all kackle a little!!