Monday, November 23, 2009

Harlie Dam-mit! Oh how I love this dawg!

This weekend was a pretty boring weekend. Took the art test on Friday to free the weekend up for other things. Some of which got canceled. So I sat around and read a book, took in a movie (UP) with Laynee and her family. And got to figure out Harlie Dam-mit.

As you all know, Harlie is JD's basset hound. She is a little over a year old. Which means she is still a puppy. A HUGE puppy. With massive paws. And HEAVY. AND LOVES EVERYBODY!!

She thinks she is the size of Crystal, the teacup Maltese. Uh, no. Which causes problems with the other dogs. She hurts when she bounces on them. And she bounces A LOT!

Baxter does a lot of yelpin'. Scrappy gets ticked and starts growlin' and snappin'.Crystal backs Harlie Dam-mit up several feet with her snappy and witchiness. (I think SHE has a broom hidden somewhere! Miss KrAnKy Pants.)  Ladybug sits on her throne and watches and stays outta the way. Well most times. She does get down to go potty and eat. But she does not often deem the peasants worthy of her attention. Though on occasion it does happen. And Harlie Dam-mit slaps her across the room. "Harlie DAM-MIT! Stop it!"

Harlie Dam-mit then gallops full force to me and jumps. (I have wooden floors and you can hear her a comin'. Sounds like a herd of elefants comin' atcha.) I am braced. You have to be braced, because in her exuberance to please you, she will knock you on your buutt if you are not braced. I'm talkin' all four feet off the ground, front two pushin' ya full force. Then it's another: "Harlie DAM-MIT! DOWN!"

In these past two weeks she has taken the quilt off my bed, tried to take all dog beds to the yard (Thank goodness the pet door is too small), taken rugs out of rooms, taken my dirty white slippers to the yard, along with my GOOD slippers (which she has torn the fuzzy insole out of both now). AND emptied all the small trash cans around the house of any kleenex, cotton balls and q-tips. AND she has chewed the top off of my PRESCRIPTION allergy nasal spray. gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I am almost expectin' the legs to be removed from my tables and my recliner at the back door any day now.

So on my boring weekend, I was sittin' in my recliner (in hopes that she could not take the recliner AND me to the back door) reading a book. (I love to read but with all the tests lately, I have not been able to sit down and just read for fun.)

I have all dogs but Ladybug in the recliner. (It's one of the chair and a half ones, so everyone can sit in it with me. Kids, grands and ALL 4 legged kids included, if they are so inclined.) I'm readin' along and I get a nose in my face. "Hey, Harlie girl, what's up?" That does it. In she crawls. In my lap that is. Scrappy was already there on the side. But that does not matter. Harlie wants to sit there WITH him. She likes to sit CLOSE, as in ON TOP OF, everyone, 4 legged kids included. She's a big lovable girl.

So up she climbs, nestles in, and proceeds to go to sleep. She is sprawled from my navel to my ankles. Seriously. Scooches back so that her, Scrappers and me are all comfy and cozily close.

I begin tryin' to get out of the heavy housecoat. I gettin' rather HOT now. Scrappy sittin' on the left side, Baxter on the right side, Harlie smack dab in the middle of ME, Crystal on the other side of Bax. All are layin' ON the housecoat somewhere. Strugglin' to get it off and just let everyone sit on it. But apparently THAT was not good enough..They all raise their heads and look at me like: "WHAT? What's going' on? Whacha doin'? I'ms dreamin' good and you messed it all up! Maaaan!!"

This happened three times yesterday. EVERY SINGLE TIME I SAT DOWN IN THE RECLINER.

Later, it seemed that because she has gotten her attention from me, life was good for her.

Well, that is until it came around for bath time.

Then it was "Katie! bar the door, I ain't goin'! NOT GOIN'! Nuh uh!! NOOOO!! GUYS!! Help meeeeeee!! NOOOOOO!" I'm mean she is tryin' to grab door facin's, all four legs are sprawled out! Squirmin', wigglin', just short of fallin' outta my arms. Grabbin' the edge of the tub (she's too big for the sink which she thinks SHE OUGHT to be in!) Harlie Dam-mit stop it! I'm gonna drop you! STAAAAAWWWP!

Once in, she actually does pretty good. She only tried to dart out once, but I got her.  Then I let her out and she actually stays for me to dry her off. But once I say You're done! Go! OFF SHE RUNS! RACIN' THROUGH THE HOUSE, HARRASSIN' EVERYONE!! RUNNIN' IN CIRCLES THROUGHT THE HOUSE! JUMPIN', BARKIN', BOUNCIN', POUNCIN'.

Geez, Harlie Dam-mit! Stop! It's bedtime! STOP!! DOWN! HARLIE DAM-MIT! Then she turns those big brown eyes on me. . That's all it takes. I'm a sucker for brown eyes. I stoop down and give her a hug. That's all she wanted. A hug. She settles down and off to bed we go. All snuggles and kisses.

Sometimes that's all any of us needs. A hug. It jest rights our world, huh?!

Kackle some today. It's Monday. It will help, fer shure!!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I had a basset...honey. I grew up with a basset...Patty. I had one with my kids...Lilly. Lilly was the only basset I had ever met that hated people. They are the BEST dogs. Of course, my Great Dane/St. Bernard's are very awesome too!!

Carol said...

No dogs for the Cleavers but I sure do love them. I am a total sucker for those dopey eye looks that dogs give...Now I want a dog!

Anonymous said...

Dogs are very grateful animals. I love mine.


Menopausal New Mom said...

OMG KaLynn, you running a zoo there? How many animals do you have??

SquirrelQueen said...

Hmm, I think this is why I have a cat! Your house must be exciting.

Anita said...

Hi, I'm visiting via hearing about you from Menopausal New Mom.

My dog is a little schnoodle (schnauzer and poodle). She's 19 months old and is working her way through tearing everything up in the house. Se may have to give her a middle name too! :)

KaLynn said...

To all:
I have four dogs of my own. All pound puppies or rescues from a puppy mill. Lady (who is in renal failure) 10 yrs old, poodle mix, Crystal, 7 yers old, teacup maltese, Scrappy, about 4 years old, terrier mix, Baxter, 2 years old, maltese/chihuahua mix. These are mine. Scrappy and Lady I have had 4 years. Crystal and Baxter just a year. Life was pretty quiet until Harlie moved in Sept 27.

She is about a year and a half. For some reason I am thinking she was born around July 4 last year.

Harlie and Scrappy are the only ones that we have had since they were about 4 months old. All the rest have been abused. So Harlie and Scrappy are the rowdy ones. They know love. The others are having to learn what love is. It has been a slow process but we are advancing. Harlie has been with larger dogs before my tiny tots so she is used to playing rough! She's getting better, really!

Mr. Shife said...

Oh that is awesome. A one-year-old fat little basset. We got ours when he was two so he wasn't quite in the puppy stage anymore, but I grew up with them and there isn't much cuter in my opinion than a baby basset hound. Our baby basset is getting up there - 12 next week - and it is hard sometimes seeing age take a toll on him. Unless my son wants a different kind of dog I will forever be owned by bassets.

KaLynn said...

Mr Shife-those eyes get me everytime. They just send you so much love! She's a pill but man when her and JD leave I'm gonna miss the dickens outta her!

Laynee said...

Yep that is so Harlie! I can so see all the rugrats piled in that big chair with you! Love ya!

Janie B said...

Ya gotta love dogs! Years ago my neighbors had a bassett and its name was "Huh!" It was hilarious when they went out to call him home.

KaLynn said...

Janie B- I had to laugh out loud over this! I'm glad I was the only one here! That is waaay to funny!!

Laynee girl-I love you too! Bunches!!

Pat said...

Sounds like a house full of loving! My husband is NOT an animal person, but I love dogs, cats, birds, you name it! I would LOVE to have pets. I don't know WHY I continue to listen to him. Geez!