Friday, November 13, 2009

The Camaro Diet

Sigh, I had my oil changed at the Chevy place today.. .

Had  2  Cams sittin' there. . sigh. .

One black with a whalelike mouth. One was red. .

Oh sooo wicked lookin'

I actually TOUCHED them...

I saw the Salesman walkin' over.

Had to wipe my mouth on my sleeve.

I was droolin' again.

Salesman asked if I would like to sit in one..

Let's don't tempt me just yet.

Fat Girl has  to go on a diet to get a Camaro.

Fat Girl will not FALL out of a Camaro.

Fat Girl wants to GLIDE out of a Camaro.

Fat Girl wants to be chic.

Oh my. .

I goin' on a Camaro Diet.

I have 2 years to achieve the full effect.

Sigh. . Where's the cookies?

Kackle a little! Does the body good! (So does  touchin' a Camaro!)


Menopausal New Mom said...

Oh KaLynn, Camaro takes me back to when I was 21, I could glide in and out of that baby then. I'd be lucky now to get up out of it Lol! My 1982 was pretty low to the ground and getting down that far now may not be wise since I may not be able to get back up!

Hey, pass the cookies over!!

KaLynn said...

@MNM-Snickerdoodles ok?

Anonymous said...

You are killing me with this, it's so funny! You could act in a Chevy commercial!


chickadee51 said...

LOL, I've never been into Camaro's, but both my kids have been.

Matty said...

A Camaro tends to do that to people. Especially at our age.

SquirrelQueen said...

KaLynn, you would probably like my car. It isn't red or black and it isn't new but a white '78 Camaro is still fun, at least for me. If you're ever up this way I promise to take you out for a ride.

Respectfully Yours said...

Too funny. A camaro is difficult to get in and out of no matter what size you would look slick in one...have a great evening.

Smileyfreak said...

I must say I am most definately 'kacklin' :) lol Fab post as usual!

Just Playin' said...

Camaro's are seductive aren't they! Those cars and those cookies. Unbeatable combo!

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KaLynn said...

My girls and my bro all wanted 'Stangs. JD and I are Cam folks! He's had two. Me? Not yet! One day. It will happen. I am sure.

Friday nite, JD's gf and I were leaving a BBall game and a black one came up beside me.. I forgot what I was doing..She had to remind me to DRIVE.. I have to get over this!!

Pat said...

Ah, them were the days, my friend. I, too, would have problems getting behind the wheel of a Camaro. Not only because of the size of my belly, but because of my hips being stiff, and my knees, and my....... Hey, does anyone have an oil can?

Ice Queen said...

I would give up cookies for a Camero and that's saying a lot...

I love cookies!

KaLynn said...

Pat-I sometimes feel like my butt is draggin' the ground in my Impala! Especially after being in the truck! I would imagine that the Cam is even closer to the ground so I may NOT be gettin in one either!! AND by the time I can afford one they may not make them anymore!!!

IceQueen-Today is a new day for the Cam Diet. No cookies!! (I'm not too good at dieting anymore, so I'm calling this my new style of eating! Camaro Eating!!)