Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One of THOSE days

a know THOSE days where you are on AUTO PILOT? You do things because it is so ingrained? Yesterday morning at work was one of THOSE days.
I am girl Friday at work. I think my UNofficial Title is Louis' P.I.T.A. What ever he wants/needs done, I do, and I normally give him a hard time about it too. Hence the P.I.T.A.

Officially, I do everything but pay the bills. Mondays are Payroll. NORMALLY, it is done by 9:30-10 am. Yesterday was a LITTLE different. We were bringing over a guy from the Temp service. Again, NORMALLY, it is not a big deal. NORMALLY, I have time to get the MASSIVE amount of paperwork done BEFORE payroll. NORMALLY, there is not alot of phone traffic either. (We are not a business that you just walk in off the street and buy something. We are a very specific kind of business, so it takes about two-three months from the beginning of the process to the shipping of the product.) NORMALLY, we have 3 other people up here. This week it is ME. IT IS LONELY. boohoo. (2 of the gals belong to another company that we share office space with)

Yesterday morning was NOT NORMAL.

First, I was scrambling to get just the information that I needed to get him on our payroll. BUT I couldn't even get that done until I talked to the doctor's office to see if he passed the physical and drug test. NORMALLY, I get the results in the mail but we are trying to get him on the payroll so he can get paid for December's holidays and get some insurance before the end of the year. BUT since he did not get his physical until Thursday, I have to call today. THEY DO NOT OPEN TIL 8! (I come to work at 6:30 am most days.) I have already printed the paperwork, so all I had to do was FIND the few forms I needed and run get him to sign them AFTER I talk to the doctor.

THEN the phone begins to ring. I am also OPERATOR. I also answer the door phone. People called wanting to talk to plant employees. NO. No personal phone calls during work hours. I HAD 3! Then there was the one at the door. NO. I can not pull him off the line to talk to you. Then there was the JACK**S, from now on to be referred to as the "INHUMAN"or "IT", that continues to call asking for the owner, who is not at this location, trying to tell me that the owner "JUST CALLED HIM 5 MINUTES AGO AND I NEED TO PUT HIM THROUGH NOW!" WHATever, dude. I hang up. This is sometimes a weekly call, sometimes a DAILY call. I figure the "INHUMAN" just likes to harrass people, and yesterday it was MY day. "IT" used to call for a lady that has not worked in over 6 years. I used to be nice to this "IT" but "IT" just got worse, "IT" started DEMANDING that I put "IT" through to the person that runs the place. I tried telling "IT", that the lady in question, NEVER RAN THE PLACE. "IT" SCREAMED AT ME. Now "IT" does those calls that either "IT" sits and breathes in the phone or hangs up as soon as I answer. So now "IT" calls and as soon as I hear "IT"'s voice. I hang up. Makes MY day.

Then there is the guy that wants a job. We do not take applications here. We go through a temp agency. I told him I did not believe we were hiring but he could call the temp agency. I give the name of the temp agency. Then he wants the name of the person at the temp agency. Then he wants the phone number and email of that person. DUDE, CALL THE TEMP AGENCY BUT I DO NOT THINK WE ARE HIRING. (Sometimes I am the last to know we are hiring, until they show up for an interview. But since we are trying to bring our Temps over, I could just about bet what little money I have THAT WE ARE NOT HIRING.)


So back to the payroll schedule, everyone is direct deposit, which means, I HAVE to have everything correct and transferred by 2 pm. I NORMALLY have this done by 10. Yesterday it was 1 pm. I was beginning to sweat it, just a TAD.

When I finally get all employees taken care of, the paychecks transferred, phone calls handled,and the post office run made, I go to the bathoom. (Coffee had been building in my system for a few hours.) I'm washing my hands and realize that the soap is not coming off. It's yuky, greasy. So I go to soap my hands again. I realize I had tried to wash my hands with the lotion! (At home lotion is on the right side of the sink and soap on the left, up here it is just the opposite.)

I started to laugh. It felt good. The rest of the day went smoothly, was back to NORMAL. I like NORMAL. Well, at work anyway.

Applause Time!!

A Kacklin KaLynn award goes to Menopausal New Mom. She is a trooper! She handed over her make up brush to her daughter today to watercolor with! Truly a Theta Mom!

Hope you kackled today! It does a body good!!

Hugs to all!


WhisperingWriter said...

Whew, you've had quite a day.

I've also washed my hands with lotion before.

Menopausal New Mom said...

KaLynn, you had a hell of a day! I think I would have been pulling out my hair and I thought staying at home looking after a 3 1/2 year old was stressful!

You sweetie!!! I'm tickled to receive your award, going to put it on my blog right now!!

Thanks so much!!!

The Peach Tart said...

Wow the day from hell.

KaLynn said...

That was just from 8 to 1! Yesterday was like that ALL DAY! Needless to say, today I had a meltdown. All because I could not get the movie return to work on the Red Box! Called JD and was asking what I did wrong, the proceeded to cry non stop. He said: "Mom, it's okay, not a big deal, just don't cry." We ended up laughig after I got through with the accountant today. BUT I am ready for Friday at 11! Weekend starts!! =0)

Dutch donut girl said...

Geez .. what a day!!
Breath in breath out. Weekend is just around the corner.

Respectfully Yours said...

Sorry about your day. Sounds crazy. Your right though, Friday is comming and then weekend time. My kids get freaked out when I cry too. Hope tomorrow is better....take care.

chickadee51 said...

I hate it when I have days like that and unfortunately I get them all to often, just the nature of my job. Have a great weekend.

Pat said...

You could right a good post for Faceless Friday on Meeko's blog: The Ramblings of a Disgruntled Secretary. He's looking for guest writers.

Hope you have a better week!

Angelia Sims said...

My gosh, I think I would have started drinking, heavily, like right away ....or chocolate LOADS of chocolate.

KaLynn said...

Three days of h e double hockey sticks! But things were back to normal today! WHEW! I used to live for days like I had this week. NO MORE!! I wanted my "Luby Tea Cart Lady" job back!! AND TODAY IT WAS BACK!! I was sooooo happy!! Thanks for all the support! You guys made is so much better, knowing you were here! Hugs!

KaLynn said...

OOH! forgot to tell you guys! ICING ON THE CAKE! I went to eat last night and took JD's gf. We went for a burger and beer. Ordered my burger COOKED. Came out almost MOO-ING. The waitresses (2) finally talked me into getting me a new one. It came out right. Then the 3rd glass of beer came out in a CRACKED glass. I just poured it into my other glass. Gave them the glass. Manager came over apologized and was paying for the round. He went to take it off the bill, my waitress told him about the burger. He comped my whole bill!! What a wonderful ending to a crappy 3 days. Waitress got a big tip.

Anonymous said...

A new day can erase all of that, and I bet that's what will happen :) Secretia