Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hearts. I LOVE hearts. (pic of Quilt added)

As I was putting on my jewelry this morning, I realized how much I like hearts. I mean I REALLY like hearts. And my children know it. 2 sets of earrings, 5 necklaces.

One pair of earrings the kids gave me the FIRST Christmas I was a MiMi, came from James Avery. The two tone heart studs. WoooHooo!! The other pair of earring Chel gave me for my birthday one year. They are hoops made of hearts. Had  to get  my ears pierced two more times so I can wear them all at the same time.

Then the necklaces: For mother's day, the kids gave me a heart with diamonds  all around. 'Nother one was from JD when he was about 16, just a heart on a chain. He bought it with his own money from his first job. Then Laynee got me another heart that had a Mother figure and a diamond on it. The last two I bought myself. One has seven  flat  hearts, different metals, that represent my kids and grandkids. One  is two hearts  linked.

Then one year my oldest, sent me a little red heart shaped metal basket  full of heart candles. I still have the basket.

I also have made a rag quilt out of red, white and black, with red hearts in about 10 different fabrics, pillows out of dish cloths and napkins that all have hearts on them (got it all around Valentine's day). The grandsons helped me put that blanket together. Very special blanket.

I even have a picture I painted  to go with the blanket. Most folks don't like it. Ask me if I care. Nope, not one  iota! It was a "fun" picture.

One of my bff's have given me a hair clip with hearts on it and a toe ring with a heart. Then the other day I opened  a package from her and inside was a heart charm with my name on it.

I have wind chimes with hearts. Oh, they tinkle soo good. I mean, they chime sooo good! (I don't know  maybe when it rains, they tinkle too!)

Hearts. AHHHH!!

Hey, 'nother of my bff's from my teenhood, has started blogging. Drop by and give  her a shout. Today was her first day. Chickadee and I have  known each other for about 40 years. Geeezzzzzzz, someone that has put with me that long......what a feat! She was the proud owner of the Red Jeep in a previous post. Hey Chickadee, I'm still waiting, patiently, of course, on a picture of the  REAL red jeep! (Fingers are drummin' over here. .)

Hope you kackled today! It does a body good!


Anonymous said...

That sparkling hearts look like live candies to me right now!

chickadee51 said...

Uhhh, right, picture . . . I'll get right on that. I have to get it from my other 'puter where it's stored. I'll try to do that this weekend. Sorry.

Oh and thanks for the plug. Hope everyone who goes there enjoys my posts.

And . . . I too love hearts. I'm not sure I have as many as you do, but then again... maybe I do.

Anonymous said...

My favourite heart would have to be the Heart of the Ocean from Titanic!

I left something for you on my blog. Really appreciate all of your support!

MilesPerHour said...

Hearts can say so much! As gifts, as decorative things like jewelry, artwork, etc and of course the emotional one we all have.

The Peach Tart said...

I love hearts too. Nice heart jewelry you have.

JennyMac said...

I love the jewelry. And the drawing.

Menopausal New Mom said...

I love hearts too, make me smile and nothing says mom better. I didn't know you were so crafty, I actually made a quilt once. Was so much work swore I'd never do it again.

So far today I haven't Kackled but I'm working on it!

KaLynn said...

@MNM-rag quilts are actually a little easier but there is a LOT of cutting! I am going to put a picture up when I can get one. I have a guest in the room where it is right now. It's early yet, so many the Kackles will come in a bit! Little Girlie surely can make you Kackle atleast once today!
@KS-AH yes the Titantic one! How beautiful that one was! Good movie too!
@S-it DOES look like candy! Didn't even think of that! All I saw was sparklin' red hearts!!
@MPH-you are sooo right!
@PT-Thanks! It was so funny as I got to listing all the hearts I have because I really didn't think I had THAT many!
@JM-Glad you like the picture! Most do not!