Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AWARDS #2!!!

Ya know, I'm thinking I could be doin' these awards for the next THREE weeks!! I go scrolling through the ones I read and think: OOH!! This one needs an award!! OOH!! Here's another one!! And since MENOPAUSAL NEW MOM awarded me with THREE!! OH MAN OH MAN!! I could go on Forever!!
So here is another batch.

The Honest Scrap Award comes with some rules too. In order to accept it you must list 10 honest things about yourself and then pass the award along to seven other bloggers.

Ten things about me. hmmmmm. .

1. I am the mother of 5 kids. 2 boys, oldest 33, youngest 23. 3 girls, oldest would be 31, middle 26, youngest, 25.
2. I am the MiMi of 4 grands. 2 by blood, twin boys from my middle daughter, 1 girl by marriage from youngest daughter and 1 girl from a young man that I "adopted' many years ago.
3. I have 4 of those 'adopted' boys. Ranging in age from 22 to 28. One is in Iraq, one is a papa, one is roaming the country and one is working nights so I don't see him much at all. All of good friends of my youngest.
4. I love animals. Dogs, cats, horses, cows, rabbits, all animals. Weeeeell, not snakes, rats or mice.
5. Music. I love country music. 'Specially Trace Adkins. OHHH YUMMMMMY! Someone had me a napkin! I like classical, oldies, listening to bluegrass a little more. Working on having a variety of music in my house.
6. I draw sometimes dabble in paints. Maybe I"ll post some one day.
7. I love to read books. Murder mystery, romance, but not ewwwy ones, funny books, etc.
8. I have a temper. Flashes pretty good, pretty fast. Working on not letting me take control.
9. I am a 53 year old college student that totally loves going to school.
10. I love to make people laugh. I never ever want to make someone feel bad because of something I have said or done. I am working on making everyone around me feel better which is the reason for this blog. Lookign for the good. Though this morning I totally missed the mark. I apologize.

Now I have to look for 7 writers that I want to send this to. Hmmm. Here I go a thinkin' . .

Olive Juice

How to become a cat lady. . .without the cats

Sassy Britches

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The Pregnant Housewife who I found through her Not so Glamorous Housewife page

The Road to Here
I love all of these and so many more! I feel like I have new friends!



WhisperingWriter said...

I also have a bit of a temper. I'm working on it.

Anonymous said...

New friends all the time.


KaLynn said...

One of the hardest things is working on that temper of mine! At least I TRY to keep my mouth SHUT and walk off now. Dint used to!

CatLadyLarew said...

It's always so much fun to learn new things about people! I love these things! (And I'm terribly nosy!)