Friday, November 13, 2009

Pet Peeve of Mine

I'm sure I will get comments back on this one. But my soap box today is Cell Phones in Cars.

People driving talking on a cell phone. It's the cell phone's fault that the driver is not paying attention. The cell phone gets blamed for every wreck and every almost wreck. WHAT CRAP!

The DRIVER is the one that is responsible. The DRIVER is the one not paying attention. The DRIVER probably doesn't pay attention when they are NOT on the cell phone.

Pictures circling the internet about a crotch rocket slammin' into a VW because the car driver was on the phone! BS! The REAL info: Sweden: crotchrocket 155 mph not 85. Driver pulled out, neither had time to avoid collision. All dead. No cell phone involved.
I have a great personal example: I was on the cell phone talkin' to my mom while on my way home after work one day. I am going the speed limit, (I know shock, shock, but REALLY I was! Honest!). I'm in the correct lane to turn. I'm watchin' traffic and see this truck comin' up on my right side. HE IS PASSIN' ME. Did you see the previous sentence where I said: I WAS GOIN' THE SPEED LIMIT? He proceeds come up beside me to HANG OUT THE WINDA, (and I"m talkin' about not just the arm pit hangin' out, but half his body, he has got to be almost STANDIN', I'm thinkin' that anytime, his belt is gonna hang on the winda! This guy musta had LOOOONG legs, that's all I can figure), ARM JUST A SWANGIN', CELL PHONE IN HAND, JUSTA YELLIN' AT ME TO GET OFF THE CELL PHONE.
I look at him like he is nuts. I yield at the yield sign. He, on the other hand, does NOT. He still has his cell phone in his hand, hangin' out the window, still yellin' at me to get off the cell phone, while TURNIN' AND ALMOST HITS ME AS HE SWERVES INTO MY LANE AS WE TURN and his RED RUSTED paint WOULD NOT match my WINE paint. Wudda make me a TAD mad if he SCRATCHED my car. BUT I wudda gotten the blame because I was on the CELL PHONE.

I almost followed him to ask him what his problem was cuz obviously he cain't even HOLD, much less TALK on, a cell phone and drive.


Cheers ya'll! I'll let cha know where to send bail money!!

Kackle some today! It does a body good!!


MilesPerHour said...

I think talking on the cell while driving is similar to listening to music, the only difference is that unless you have a a hands free device, you only have one hand available to steer when holding the phone. Your eyes are on the road. Now texting is a whole different story...

Menopausal New Mom said...

KaLynn, I loved your post. So well written I felt like a passenger in your car. Personally, I don't think cell phones have a place in the car with drivers. I agree that people like us who have been driving since before seat belt legislation can handle it. My worry is that these teens that have 1 hour of driving experience get on their phones, texting etc while driving and end up either killing themselves, others or all of the above.

You can't make one rule about cell phones for one generation and not the newbies so in my opinion, I will give up using my cell phone in the car if I can be assured that those 16 year olds on the road aren't on their phones either.

Was that a kackle?

chickadee51 said...

I'm with you KaLynn and Miles, Being on the cell doesn't necessarily have to be a distraction, especially if you have hands free as I do. Texting is a definite problem because it takes your focus from the road, drivers, and pedestrians.


if you're a good driver you can talk on the phone, sign the kid's homework, put on mascara, and hand the baby a bottle all at the same time

but ya gotta be a good driver

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that wreck in Seattle??? Like back in June??? I remember friends out there commenting on it. Unless it was another incident rather than the one you are referring to...

Or is this something else:

By KOMO Staff

SEATTLE -- Two people were seriously injured when a motorcycle collided with a car in North Seattle on Monday evening.

Police spokesman Mark Jamieson said the motorcycle carrying two people was traveling rather fast down Greenwood Avenue when it struck a car turning left onto 102nd around 8:48 p.m.

Both occupants of the motorcycle were thrown from the bike and sustained life-threatening injuries. Their names and conditions have not been released.

The cause of the crash has not been determined.

Greenwood Avenue was shut down from 101st to 103rd for several hours following the accident during the investigation.


KaLynn said...

If they want to have law that anyone under 21 can't talk on a cell phone, I think that is a great idea. But to condemn ALL cell phone users is just plain wrong. I honestly don't think 16 and 17 year old drivers should be able to drive freely anyway. They don't watch where they are going, they go too fast, etc. I got my license when I was 15 back in the day. I remember the krAaAzy days!

Texting is a whole different story. But since it comes on the phone..

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! I love you guyses!!

KaLynn said...

@rabbit When I 'snoped' the email I had, it said it was from Sweden. had the same pics and everything.

KaLynn said...

this is the one I got.

Anonymous said...

I was just verifying that a cell phone was not involved in the wreck.

I remember my friend talking about that wreck back in the summer - he lives not very far from where it occurred (in Seattle).

They are OBVIOUSLY two different accidents as the post from Snopes, the vehicle is Red - Seattle, it's blue (I think).

But, in either case - "undetermined" (by Snopes) or not, no mention of cell-phonery in either case. Just Jackholes that hadn't any good sense or business driving in the first place.

Matty said...

I talk on the phone too while I'm driving, but it doesn't distract me. The only thing it does is prevent you from having two hands on the wheel. Even with hands free driving, you're still talking on the phone, so as far as I can see, the only difference is one hand.

That guy probably was in a hurry and YOU were in his way slowing him down.

CatLadyLarew said...

I can only do one thing at a time, so I don't talk on my cell while driving. I would be the first one to get distracted and crash into something!

Knucklehead said...

They can make all the laws they want to, idiots will still be idiots.

KaLynn said...

@knucklhead, I totally agree!

@catladylarew, that is why if I am talking on the phone I am constantly on the look out

Pat said...

They should probably just outlaw cell phones all together while driving. It wouldn't be fair to just allow one group and not another. I'm guilty of talking on the phone while I'm driving. Although I feel like I'm paying attention, I'm sure I'm not as attentive as if I WEREN'T on the phone.

KaLynn said...

I drive in the OH! Zone. As in: OH! Where did you come from? Some days it is a wonder I arrive home safely. At least with the cell, I FORCE myself to pay attention! I use speaker phone alot though.

I still don't think that kids under 21 need to drive with cell phones. Just like they don't need to drink.

Sugar Bear said...

I talk on my cell on occasion, but I really would rather not. I'm a little skittish already. I also get nervous when I pass eighteen wheelers. Them suckers hurt when they hit you! So me drvin, cell, and big scary truck= NOT A GOOD IDEA! and there's a lot around here. I think that unless you honestly know how to drive and been drving for YEARS you should talk on your cell phone.

Sugar Bear said...

Correction! You should NOT talk on your cell phone!