Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cinnamon Stuffed French Toast

Oh today I am so wanting Stuffed French Toast like at IHOP. Only I do not want the strawberry syrup crap. I actually want blueberries in the middle but I walked right past them at the store yesterday and I am not getting dressed to go to the store. So it will be minus the blueberries.

I have googled what seems to be millions of stuffed french toast recipes, casseroles and just french toast. Even saw one made with cinnamon bread! Sounds yummy.

Most of  the recipes make stuffed french toast like a sandwich. Cream cheese spread on like mustard, then slap the other slice of bread on the cream cheese and dunk in the milk and egg mixture. Sounds easy enough.
So I decide to try the one that is like a sandwich, think I will sprinkle cinnamon on the cream cheese, dunk and cook.

Oh I did good! It looks so pretty! Start to take the first one out and one side falls off. Dogs run for it. I grab it first. It was the side with OUT the cream cheese. YEA!! I get the cream cheese and cinnamon side!! WOOHOO!!

Fix another one and see if I can possibly get all sides to the plate this time.

As the other one is cooking, I put some syrup on my plate and dab the folded cream cheese/cinnamon side in it. Pretty good,  but just not  as tasty as  I figured it would be.

Flip the one on the griddle. Get another one almost ready. Flip it one more time. Spread cream cheese on the other piece of bread. Take that one the griddle off.

Feed the one side I dropped to the dogs. They think it is pretty good too.

 Man, my mouth is burning. Who knew cinnamon was hot without mixing it with sugar. Man, whew! I never remember cinnamon being  this hot before. Maybe it was the sweetness of the applesauce that calms it down.Wow! All these years of using cinnamon and never knew it could be hot like this. AmaZing!

I start to reach for the bottle of Cinnamon. It doesn't look right. Open the cabinet. See the cinnamon bottles still  IN the cabinet!

OOOOOH GOOD GRIEF! I had grabbed the unlabeled bottle of CAYENNE PEPPER out of the cabinet instead of CINNAMON!

The last one was saved. It got cinnamon. Still think it  needs something. Maybe mix powdered sugar and vanilla with the cream cheese next time and leave the cayenne pepper off.

Last one was still pretty good. Once I got all  the right ingredients. .

Must say my mouth is very awake this morning.

Wonder if the cayenne pepper will get rid of fleas?

Hope you kackled today! Great way to start the morning! Have a great Saturday!


Menopausal New Mom said...

Hey, can I come over for brunch? Sounds yummy, just hold the orange juice please Lol!

Anonymous said...

Oh I kackled for sure today. That was hilarious! Thank you! - G

Matty said...

And you didn't invite me over?

Mr. Knucklehead said...

Damn that looks delicious.

KaLynn said...

Well guys, first time I try to cook ANYTHING is not always a good time to invite friends to eat! As this shows!! Next time I'll give enough warning so you can come over and chow down! How bout that? =0D

Just Playin' said...

Sounds like it will be get more and more delicious! Thanks!

MilesPerHour said...

Probably still better than that IHOP junk they served. I had some stuffed strawberry FT and the berries were still frozen. bleh

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi KaLynn, hope you plan to drop by my blog today for the party. I have an award for you gal!!!! Come on, let's Kackle!

Maya said...

oooh! you should try it "Elvis" style, next time. Peanut butter and bananas, add some crisp bacon in the middle, drowned in syrup. Awesome!!
I looove breakfast food!

PJ said...

i absolutely love french toast and this sounds delicious. make sure and let us know how it turns out. have a great day!

Janie B said...

I'll take an order to go, but cayenne. Hi! I'm visiting from another blog. I really like your blog format, name, brooms, hats, etc. Very cute! Also very funny. I'm a follower now.

KaLynn said...

MNM_thanks! I so appreciate you thinkin' of me! I'll be by and we can have some french toast and coffee without the warm vanilla sugar body spray!! I definitely think we could get some good kacklin' goin'!

Maya-I will definitely try the pb and nanners with bacon! sounds yummy!!

PJ-today's stuffed french toast was muuuch better!! Added powdered sugar, cinnamon to the cream cheese and some Mexican vanilla!! OOO la la!! VERY tasty!!

JanieB- glad you stopped by! I always welcome new friends!! Never can have too many friends! Come back any time!!

Bev G said...

Hi KaLynn, thought I'd pop by and say hi. So glad I did, you really put a smile in my day!

chickadee51 said...

I can certainly see you doing that. Very funny.

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh, all this talk of vanilla and now cinnamon is making me hungry. Yum, french toast sounds really good.

GiGi said...

Well.... you have me hungry for french toast!!!

Pat said...

"Hot" off the grill! LOL! Sounds EXACTLY like something I would do!

But now I have a taste for pancakes or french toast. Yumm!

KaLynn said...

I have an awesome recipe for pancakes too! EASY to make and very tasty!! Maybe I'll post it one of these days!