Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rain and dogs

More rain today. Not that I am complaining. Really, well, not much. We need the rain. In Texas, we ALWAYS need rain. Lately all across the South rain is needed. But DANG, it sure makes mowing the yard hard! About the time I think it is dry enough to mow, another little shower comes along. By tonight the grass will be tall enough that I will not be able to find my knees, much less the dogs! When Crystal goes out to potty, she trys to jump OVER the grass! So I have a white leaping furball going across the yard. . Scrappers (The innocent in the pic) on the other hand, does not like the wet. He thinks he will melt, or something, haven't figured out quite what yet. He steps in water outside and shakes his foot before he puts it down again. This goes on for all four paws, EVERY STEP HE TAKES!! So going anywhere with him in the rain just takes FOREVER! He hasn't figured it out that the faster he does his business, the faster we get back on dry land. (Let me insert this, I have a pet door going to the backyard, so the backyard is accessable at all times.) A couple of weeks ago we had a pretty good downpour. It had been 2 HOURS since The Turd woke up. 2 HOURS and he had not pottied! So we ended up in the backyard (yes, WE, as in Scrappy and me) with him on a FRIGGIN' LEASH because he did not want to get wet. (I'm talking DOWNPOUR, not just a rain, DOWNPOUR!! A gully washer.) With me telling him, pee you turd, because we are not going in until you do!! PEE ON THE TREE! ON THE CHAIR!! A BLADE OF GRASS!!! JUST PEE AND DO IT NOW!! He looks at me like I have just beat him. NOPE, nosiree, the sad face ain't workin'  today, you little butt! (Of course, I'm gettin'  p-worded off the longer I stand in the rain) PEE you little turd muffin or we will drown before you get to go back  in, I am literally sinking in the mud just standing there, it is so wet. FINALLY (after about 5 minutes of this) he pees! We race back in, well as much as you can race when the mud is trying to consume you for breakfast, with me leaving one of my croc-like flip flops stuck in the mud, I'll dig it out later or maybe not, the grass may grow over it before I get back out there to find it. I have a grass jungle for a back yard. It's going  to take a sling blade to cut the grass before the rain  stops I'm thinkin'. Anyone got one I can borrow??

Hope you kackled today.

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