Sunday, October 11, 2009

Smarty Pants

I was a bit in awe the other night when I showed of up for a meeting of "The Smart People" (Phi Theta Kappa meeting) at school. I looked around wondering what in the world I was doing here. I'm just an everyday Jo-ette, ya know. I try to make good grades and learn everything that I can. But me, smart? Who wudda thunk it? I try to keep that hidden. Cuz smart people are EXPECTED to DO things. I like being on the low end of the Radar of Life. Ya know the back of the room kinda person that giggles and makes smart remarks? Yep, that's me. Stayed in trouble in high school many, many, many moons ago too. Imagine me remembering that, I din't think my brain could reverse that far back. .

As I look around, I realize that I am THE ANCIENT ONE. . I'm almost old enough to be some of these kids grandmother!! I feel old then. I mean if my oldest had had a kid when he was 18, then my grandchild would be 15 or if he had become a father sooner then I could have a 17 or 18 yr old for a grandchild. . I've got one foot in the grave. . My bones are melting. . You don't even need to throw water on me for this. .

Oh yeah, back to the Phi Theta Kappa thing.

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely HATE to dress up? I'm a boots, jeans, Tshirt kinda gal. Give me gloves and let's put up a fence, feed the cows, oh yeah, that's me. I always wanted to have some land with horses, cows, dogs and cats. Middle of no where. Oh yeah. . hmmmmmm..

Dang! There I go again getting off the subject! SOOOO I have to dress up and I have been told that I CANNOT wear black jeans and a black shirt and be called dressed up. I have ONE dress in my closet and I am NOT wearing it to this shindig.

My thing about dressing up is the heels. I always feel like I'm gonna put my foot down the wrong way and then arms go flying, legs all up in the air and WHAM! I land on my very padded tush! The walls will shake and the floor will rumble and the lights will flicker. Some will think a storm has hit. Then the lights will come back on and all they will see is me on my butt on the floor.

Can they just slide me across the floor? As I slide on by, I'll even smile and do the Miss America wave. Think I could get them to just do that instead of me trying to walk in heels, fall and embarrass us all?

I promise not to yell "WOOHOO!!! What a ride!!" if they will do this. Really, I'll be good, well, sorta, maybe. .

Hope you kackled today.


Linda Peterson said...

Well, I remember when I bought my first suit! When I graduated in 1992 I was also one of the "ancient" ones and I had to wear suits (with SKIRTS!!!) to work every day. Pumps, nylons, suits, OH MY!

chickadee51 said...

Yep, way back when, in the dawn of when women were entering the male dominated workplace and I became a uniformed police officer, I had two dresses in my closet and those were only for the obligatory court appearances. When I left the department and entered a traditional "women's" job market, I had to get comfortable wearing dresses and heels again. Now, I have dresses but rarely wear them. I'm back to my jeans and knit tops and am very happy with that.

KaLynn said...

Well, I'm not wearing a dress. I have dress pants and a sparkly shirt. that is about as dressy as it will get!! =0D