Monday, October 5, 2009

Little History on dogs

Crystal (Tiny Tot) and Baxter (Pop Up Dog, the one to the left here) have only been with me for a little over a year. But TT THINKS she rules the roost. Her and Lady Bug (Queen Bee) have had many run ins and Queen Bee is an EXTREMELY mellow dog. She sits on her pillow (throne), any pillow she can find (she is not picky about her throne), and surveys her kingdom. QB rarely interacts with other dogs. Well, except for Pop Up Dog. Pop Up Dog is in constant motion. He was 9 months old when he came to live here. He was severly abused so it took many many many moons to get him to come to me on his own. Now I have a shadow. Well, until Scrappy gets in trouble, usually for eating out of the trash (this little guy was a street puppy when he was found). Then Pop Up Dog goes into hiding. He does not like stern voices.

Queen Bee, the oldest, is in renal failure. I do not know what stage and I do not care. We are working on making her days as good as they can be and are not focusing on the stage of the disease. Some days are good and some days, not so much. Until Pop Up Dog came along she pretty much surveyed her kingdom in PEACE. (I am assuming she let Scrappy know right off to leave her alone as far as playing was concerned. She was 6 yrs old and he was about 3-4 months.)

One day Pop Up Dog could not get Tiny Tot to play because she was KRAAANKY, which is most of the time with Pop Up Dog, so he decided he would go harrass Queen Bee. (TT does not like to PLAY. She likes to chew, chase and chomp. She really needs Anger Management classes) Normally QB would just look at him like, KID, GO AWAY, YOU ARE BOTHERING ME. But PUD persists, saying, OH COME ON GRANDMA, LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!!! and he would commence to pounce and bark and run away and run back, pounce, butt in air, run up to her and nip at her legs and on and on until FINALLY QB must have decided that HE IS NOT GOING TO GO AWAY UNTIL I DO SOMETHING! GRRRR!!!      LITTLE TWERP.

So she proceeded to bark, which did not make him go away, so she runs at him. THEN IT HAPPENED: she pounced, and ran, and chased, and barked, and ran, and pounced. I guess she decided this was fun because they continued. They even ran circles in the house and when she got tired, she put her arm around his shoulders, pulls him to her and catches her breath. He stands still and waits. She huffs and puffs for about 60 seconds, then off they go again. It is so cute to watch this. PUD has, in his tenaciousness has added even more quality to Queen Bee's life. She loves him and he loves her. Grandma and grandson.What a wonderful pair.

Hope you kackled today.


Anonymous said...

That is so adaorable!

GiGi said...

Those are the cutest little dogs, Crystal is so prissy looking! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Well, GiGi, that is not Crystal, that is BAXTER!

chickadee51 said...

That is such a sweet story about QB and PUD. Wish I could watch them with you.