Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Ghosts are a tappin'

I was really, really, hopin' I would get through this month with no ghosts a-walkin' at my house. Haven't seen one since last month, when the shadow walked through my kitchen and made me realize that my back door was still open at 9 pm. (Normally I close it when it gets dark but this night I was playing on the computer and forgot.) Which in town would not be a really big deal, since there are no alleys and most yards have a 6' privacy fence. BUT alas in my po dunk little bitty town, we have 4' chain link fences and alleys. AND guys that walk the alleys here. It was a reminder to close the door.

This morning I was sitting in my car, using the phone's calculator to figure out my grade in Speech. (It is 6 am, dark and rainy. Not raining at the moment, but it has been and could at any moment.) I'm adding and dividing, when I hear a tappin' on the back of my car, coming from the trunk area.TAP. TAP. TAP.  I'm  thinkin'  JD has come home early (He works at the grocery store as a night STOCKER, not STALKER, which is what I get accused of saying) and he's wanting to say hello before I leave for work. So I look up expecting to see my son. uh no. . In fact I look around and see . . .no one. Spooky to say the least. So I go back to figuring the grade and dang, if it didn't happen again! I jump this time and start packing up everything. I think it is time for me to leave and go to work! (I really thought I was going to have some person jump at the windowas I backed up, that's how real it was!) I kept looking around to see who was prankin' me. . I see absolutely NO ONE! I'm GONE!

I'm really not sure who was tapping this morning. But I guess the fun has begun for a few days. I am on full alert now!
Wonder if I made cookies would it make them quit? OOOO!! Maybe GHOST cookies!!!! The ones I can't see!! YEAH! Lemme see if I can find a recipe! Not exactly Ghost Cookies, but they are pretty cool!

Happy Halloween! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Hope you kackled today!


Menopausal New Mom said...

If I had guys walking around my back door with only a 4-foot fence separating us, I think I would leave the door locked all day too! Glad you got that little "tap" to remind you!

Anonymous said...

Whoa... That's just insane. Check out my post from this morning. Maybe it's family, after all?

Just Playin' said...

Ghost are just EVERYWHERE this week. We'll be back to normal soon!

Knucklehead said...

Making cookies is a pretty fair solution to most any problem. Might I suggest chocolate chip or snickerdoodles?

KaLynn said...

Knucklehead!! I love snickerdoodles!! I think that is the best choice!! Thanks for reminding me!! Happy Halloween!!! Cheers!!

chickadee51 said...

Yep, sometimes those visitors can leave you feeling kinda spooked.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Off to check out the cookies... YUM! Watch out for the ghosts and goblins tonight!

Happy Halloween!