Friday, October 2, 2009

Dogs in the middle of the night

OH  MY GOSH!!!! WHAT A FRUSTRATING EVENING! I have been TRYING to help a friend find her stupid landlord. Her Apartment Manager is, IN MY OPINION, a TAD nuts, and my friend wants to contact the owners. I have found out they live in LA County, Malibu, in an apartment. What owner of several apartment complexes lives in a apartment???? Do you know how frustrating it is to find ANYONE in LA county???????? GEEZ!! No wonder illegal immigrants go there. You can get lost in a dang ole heartbeat! So let me tell you where I’m headed the next time I want to get lost in a crowd! I AM HEADING TO LA COUNTY!!! Maybe just Cali in general . Only not during the dry season or the windy season hmmmmmmmmmm, is there any other time of year for LA County? Ok, so maybe I won’t go there. I need to find a new place.
Oh, dang, where was I? That was NOT the story of the day there. DANG!!!DANG!!DANG!!!

ANYWAY, do any of you have kids and dogs? Yes, I have both too. Aren’t they special? (I love kids and dogs, especially if none of the above are babies.) I even have a kid WITH a dog (Actually I have 2 kids with a dog) Well, one of the dogs, Harlie, has been here for a few days a ¾ full size Bassett that is almost a year old. Do any of you remember what a year old dog is like?????

(Oh yeah, I have dogs. I have four, yes, 4, LITTLE dogs. Lady, poodle mix, 10 yrs, Crystal, teacup maltese, almost 7 yrs, Scrappy, a whatever, 4 yrs and Baxter, a maltese/chihuhua, 2 yrs. All pound puppies. I love pound puppies. Geez, like you couldn’t already tell, I also like strays, kids and dogs, but I think that will be a story for another day.)(Random thoughts running through my head here)

ANY WAY, (I get SOOO sidetracked SOOOOO easy) so I have a bed full of 4 legged kids with just my 4  ADD a Bassett, A Bassett that jumps from the middle of the room. To land in the middle of my belly, which is fast asleep. At 3 AM.  Do you know what usually happens at 3 AM? IT’S POTTY TIME.  FOR ME. Have you EVER tried to throw a Bassett? A 90 pound Bassett? A Bassett that is used to PLAYING at 3 am??? NOT HAPPENIN’. Harlie thinks it is time to PLAY! (JD's old roommate worked at a bar.) So here I am making a mad dash to the bathroom with a 4 legged kid trying to play, getting in between me and the potty.  I begin to feel like Tony Romo trying to not get sacked (oh baby, baby, baby, give me a napkin, I’m droolin’,hmmmmmmmmmmm) Oh gosh, where was I???? Oh yeah, potty break. So by this time I have ALL but one dog awake. They are all thinking it's time to play since I'm in a hurry.(During the day we play chase) Ya know jumping over dogs in this situation is really NOT a good thing...When I finally arrive at my destination, I have an audience and they all want to be petted ggggrrrrrrrrrrr, just go AWAY. I stumble back to bed, get all comfy, all dogs under covers, out of the way, pushing and shoving settled. Then a little over an hour later, it is time to rise and shine.I do not shine well this morning. Really.

ANYWAY, Harlie’s daddy has joined us. So maybe she will jump in the middle of him now! Wonder if I could send ALL the 4 legged kids his direction?? Oh like that would do any good...He sleeps days and I sleep nights. Well it was a good thought while it lasted.
AND NO, I DID NOT EXERCISE TODAY my membership has not gone into effect yet. The lady that is setting this up has been out sick this week. So I decided to wait until it does go into effect to kiss the paper towels again. I want it to be OFFICIAL the next time.

OH MY GOSH. IS ANYWAY MY FAVORITE WORD OF THE DAY??? I promise tomorrow I will find a new one. hmmmmm, a new word for tomorrow. MAYBE I’ll let you in on my very FAVORITE WORD of the day. The one that surpasses ALL words or maybe not.

Hope you kackled today.


Anonymous said...

You are such a nerd! I so know what you're talking about! Nubbi did that when he was inside.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize our lives ran in such parallels!!!!!!!@$%^&* lol...maybe it just runs in the family to have ultra silly Quadrapeds 4 try to outrun me to the potty!!!!!then practice their football blocking!!! then sit in front of me ...laughing..and talking about who tripped me I know they are!!... I just know it!lol.... lol... makes life kinda smiley after all!!!!! lov u mg

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious!