Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dance

Harlie is my youngest son's dog. I have named her Harlie Girl. She has been visiting me and my four legged kids off and on for about a month. But it is offiical Harlie Girl is here to stay. Her and JD have moved in for a while.

Harlie Girl arrives much to the dismay of all the other dogs. You can just hear the two ORIGINALS (Scrappers and Lady Bug) thinking: GEEZ, DON’T WE HAVE ENOUGH ALREADY?? WHY DO WE NEED ANYMORE!!! COME ON MOM! PLEEEEASE DO NOT DO THIS TO US AGAIN!!! Then the two newer ones, Pop up Dog and Tiny Tot (Baxter and Crystal) are not happy either.

Tiny Tot thinks after all this time she is THE BIG dog. (She has already attacked the man fixing my fence. He is probably 6 foot 3 inches. She, on the other hand, is the size of HALF of his FOOT and she is taking him OUT! She takes hold of the bottom of his jeans leg and is tugging with all her SUPERIOR strength, as he drags her halfway across the yard before he realizes that he has an attachment.) She has become VERY confident now.

Now Tiny Tot compared to Harlie Girl: Tiny Tot is about 2.25 of Harlie Girl's paws. Tiny Tot and I can be sitting in the recliner, up jumps Harlie Girl. Harlie Girl turns around and around and around until she plants her butt on Tiny Tot, who gets squwushed down the crack of the recliner. "Harlie Girl, get your butt off Crystal!" (90 pounds vs 4 pounds. Actually Harlie Girl probably weighs about 25-30 pounds but geezz when you are trying to move her, she might as well weigh 90! Because when you add STUBBORN to 30 pounds, it becomes 90.) WEEELL, here I am in my recliner, trying to move Harlie Girl around so I can pull Tiny Tot out of the side of the chair before she suffocates. As you can imagine, Tiny Tot does not think highly of this big kid. Tiny Tot thinks Harlie Girl  is annoying. REALLY annoying, especially when Harlie Girl wants to actually PLAY with Tiny Tot. Remember TT does NOT play. She is WAAAAAY above playing. That is sooooo beneath her. She's cocky and snobby. HARLIE GIRL in all her puppyness, wants to play. Who better to play with than the "Snobby One"? Maybe a better word is HARRASS. HARLIE GIRL barks, pounces, front feet and legs on floor, butt in air, tail wagging, Tiny Tot sitting there growlin', growlin', growlin', (She has a growl that sounds like THE Alien getting ready to take out Sigourney Weaver, pretty wicked, it is) and looking totally disgusted. By this time, HARLIE GIRL's butt is going 90 to nuthin'!!!!! "OOOHHHH YEAH! she's lookin’ me! COME AND GET ME!! Yeah!! alright!!! let's go girl!! come on!! come on!! come get me!!! I dare ya!! Come on!! Oh Yeah!! Oh Yeah!!!" nuther bark, nuther pounce, this time closer, closer, closer, growl gets little louder and louder and LOUDER, of course this just eggs HARLIE GIRL on, closer still. THAT'S WHEN IT HAPPENS!! TT in all her glory comes after HARLIE GIRL, just a growlin’, snappin', chasin' and jumpin'!! TT is so p-worded off that her whole body is stiff , her legs are stiff , her neck is stiff , the front of her body is bouncin' off the ground and she is slidin' across the floor in all her glorious anger at Harlie Girl!!! Harlie Girl retreats, as any good puppy would, grinnin' of course, and TT turns and struts back to her pillow, butt swaying, tail straight up in the air, nose up, and as she is struttin' back, so does Harlie Girl, three paw links behind, just a laughin' all the way. So begins another session and on it goes until I can no longer hold it in!! My laughter breaks up the dance! 
This goes on all the time. Harlie Girl following TT around, TT gettin' ticked and turning around and snappin', yappin' and chasin' with Harlie Girl retreatin' until TT struts away, and then the dance once again begins.

Oh, I hear a new session beginnin' in the bedroom.

Hope you kackled today.

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chickadee51 said...

I loved this. I miss having a dog but I'm just not home enough to be a good owner right now. I hope someday I can get a dog again. They're great companions.