Friday, October 9, 2009

Holdin' my breath. . .

I missed yesterday. I thought I was going to have to take my online art test today instead of tomorrow. So I was  crammin' my head with art! I had a shootin' class to go to, but alas, it RAINED. I'm tellin' ya, I'm gonna have to buy a boat. The fields are sittin' in water. Does anyone have a cheap boat that comes with lessons included in the sale price? HAA! Then I could be as dangerous in a boat on the road as I am in my vehicles!! Wonder  if  I could find one to match my car? Merlot Red.....Oh yeah, boats come in all the cool colors! I just need lessons. Do you know anyone that gives lessons on driving boats cheap to someone that is TOTALLY scared  of water? I mean like holding my breath the whole time I'm going over the water. The first time I went over a bridge I laid in the floor and didn't breathe until we were on land. Not just on the land  part  of the bridge. BUT LAND. LAND MASS. As in dirt, with black top over it. Thank the Good Lord I was not driving, huh? Can you imagine my kids when the 5 of us took a vacation to the Texas coast and I had to go over that BIG bridge in, uh, I think it was Corpus? All my kids, all but one,  knew how to drive at that time and they were all vying for the chance to drive so that we would get ACROSS the bridge!! This was worse than the " Don't touch me!" "Moooooom, he's LOOKIN' at me" stage. YAP. . YAP. . YAP. . YAP YAP. GEEEZZZZ.  SHUUUUT UUUP!!! I can do this! Really. Well, maybe. I was just praying that we did not get in a traffice jam at the TOP of the bridge!! I'd'a passed smooth out!! I can't hold my breath that long. I don't swim either. Boy, that was a hard jump there, wasn't it? DUH.

Now we all have an agreement that when I die, I will be cremated, and all kids will  go to the coast, any coast, have a party, tell stupid Mom stories (there are many) and toss those ashes in the ocean. I will no longer  be scared of the water. What a fittin' send off, huh? I love it.

Hope you kackled today.


Sugar Bear said...

I want a boat too!!! I would have stay outta your way though. You crazy! Nerd

chickadee51 said...

Dang girl, I NEVER knew you were afraid of water until you told me about that little story. Funny the way you related the story here.