Monday, October 5, 2009

Tiny Tot

Tiny Tot (Crystal) was also at the same place with Pop Up Dog. It took 2 people to catch her to give her to me. She was terrified of people. Really. Not just scared, but terrified. I took these 2 kids to my car and my friend held Baxter, which as that time had no name, and I held Crystal. We almost puked. They smelled horrible and were yellow in color. They are WHITE dogs, mind you (Of course, she doesn't look to WHITE here but this is much better than long stringy YELLOW hair!). Once we got them home, we put them in the back yard to go potty before I bathed them. WRONG move. Yes, they needed to go potty but a leash attached would have worked much better. But as you have noticed in these little blogs, I do  not always think ahead of the moment. Anyway, I put them down and  they ran. And ran. And ran. I would come within 6 feet of TT and off she would go again. I'm not running at her, just walking around the yard talking to her. Softly. "Come here, Pretty Girl." Nope, not having any part of me. Nope, nope, nope, AND NOPE!! Ain't happenin'!

About an hour later a couple of friends came by to see the new additions, which turned out to be a great thing for me because it took all three of us to corner this tiny dog so I could pick her up and bath her. I have a 6500 square foot backyard, and this little munchkin of a dog ran every square foot of it, no once, not twice but  three times. I can just imagine what the people driving by thought. (I live on one of the main roads of my town with a chain link fence around the back yard). Here are 3 grown women moving in circles in the yard, all of a sudden for no reason, change direction and go another way. Of course they can not see the tiny ball of fluff in the yard. She is about the size of my shoe.This went on for about 30 minutes. Also, I was new to the neighborhood, so no one knew me. Can't you just imagine what is going through their heads? What are those weirdos doing back there? Geez, there goes the neighborhood! They must have considered calling the local funny farm people to come take me and my friends away, haha. (Okay, I know, I'm nuts but the song just automatically goes through my head everytime I hear or say something close to 'They're coming to take me away. haha") (HAHAHA!!! NOW it's going through YOUR head!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! =0)) Oh, where was I? Oh, yeah.  Back to Tiny Tot. Once I got them bathed, I left her and PUD alone. I didn't try to pick them up, just mainly talked to them as I walked by or put food out. One day she decides maybe I wasn't so bad. I'm sitting in my recliner, she comes up and puts her front feet on the foot rest and just looks at me."Well hey there  little girl! How are you?" I move, she runs. But it was the beginning. Now at night, I lay down, she wants up and then she proceeds to walk on my chest to give me sugars good night and I get sugars the same way in the morning when we  wake up. Life is good.

Hope you kackled today.

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