Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grands!! THE Best in Life!

The weekend started out rather crappy with the drive home at noon on Friday but it has gotten better, I got to see THE GRANDS! Which ALWAYS makes life better!!!

For those of you who do not have grands yet. Let me tell you it is well worth the wait! For one thing, you enjoy them more than you did your kids because you know now that matters and what does not. What is life threatening and what is a learning experience. AND THAT ALL THE MISERY YOUR KIDS DEALT YOU IS GOING TO COME BACK TO HAUNT THEM TENFOLD!! IT IS A JOYOUS OCCASION, TO SAY THE LEAST!! You may not laugh out loud at that moment, but I'm tellin' ya, right now, YOU WILL LAUGH!You may hold it in until you get in the car to go home or you may have to go to the bathroom and stuff a towel in your mouth, but you WILL laugh. Promise. It is the BEST laughter too! So for those of you who are yet to be, know your time is coming. One day. You know the old saying: Good things come to those who wait, IT IS TRUE. Ask any grandparent.

So I got to see my grands yesterday. The twin grandsons and I made boo bags at their dad's house. Their mom, my middle daughter, has declared a non-speaking war on me. No, I do not know why. Just one day she decided I was not what she wanted in a mother and wala! It's over! In her mind anyways. So now I have to go through their dad and his wife to see the boys. (The boys I helped my daughter to raise for 6 years, mind you. Who were born while she was in high school, living at home. Who miss me and I them but she is ignoring my calls to see them.) Enough whiney stuff. Onward we march! Right, Left, Right, Left and on we go. Next subject.

Then yesterday afternoon, my granddaughter and my youngest daughter came to make boo bags too. Originally, all the grands and I were to get together and make them but the boys' dad had plans for the afternoon so I went to do the boys before their football game. (I try not to invade on his time with the boys.) Dad and wife will take them to deliver them. THAT is soo much fun! To watch the kids deliver these things! You have to sneak up to the house, set the bag(s) down, have your escape plan already mapped out, then knock on the door or ring the door bell and ruuuuuuuun like all get out! The last time the boys and I delivered bags they thought it was tooo cool to dive through the car windows! THAT'S the part they remember the most is knocking and running! NOT necessarily MAKING the bags but the delivery!

Then Stefani and Cheyenne stayed and ate supper and we played Tri-Ominoes. Chey wanted to play Manacala but we were short 2 stones. So we played Tri-Ominoes, which was a real gas since in the second game, I lost 50 point right off the bat! I did the HAPPY DANCE when I actually got points to counteract the negative 50 and would dance around and say things like WOOOHOOO!! I'm only 45 in the hole now!! Dance in my chair, singsonging around. For some reason, she thinks MeMe is a little on the nutty side. Wonder why? Totally beyond me. Just do not understand it.

THEN when I actually filled in a whole octangle and got an EXTRA 50!!!Man! You shudda seen me!! I was DANCING BIG TIME!! BIG WOOHOO!! Oh YEAH! UH HUH!! I'M GOOOD! I'M GOOOD!! Not the same game where I started off with a negative 50 but I had lost major points this game too! Stef actually went out and got the bonus but TADA!!! I beat her by TWO points!!! HAPPY DANCE!! HAPPY DANCE!! WOOHOO!!! OH YEAH!! OH YEAH!! I'M GOOOD!! I'M AWESOME!! UH HUH! UH HUH!! It was pretty cool, because the three of us don't get to have just a girls day very often.

Then a kid came by selling cookie dough. I bought two. (One to bake and one to eat.) Chey's gonna come out and help me bake 'em. I must say she better get here quick because the last time I did this, I don't think I baked A SINGLE COOKIE. I ATE IT ALL OUTTA THE BUCKET. I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH!!Life is gooooood!!

One day I'm gonna grow up. Really I will. Just not yet.

Actually I was a pretty serious person while raising the kids on my own. I know this is hard for some to believe, but really it is true. Honest. But now that they are all gone. . I want to absolutely goofy! I want to live and laugh and act stupid! Well, unless some holier than thou, moronic, PIA, lady driver, with light brown, shoulder length, hair, with glasses, driving a blue wanna be a SUV gets in front of me and starts giving me hand signals and stomping on the brakes, trying to get me to hit her, (not that I was taking notes) gets in front of me on the highway. Nah, not a laughin' matter then. (BUT IT IS PAST! Right? Maybe? Sorta? Kinda? . .)

Hope you kackled today.


Anonymous said...

When I first saw the title of this post, I thought you were talkin' 'bout BISCUITS!

KaLynn said...

ROFL!! Never even thought of it THAT way!! That was good!! lym!

Anonymous said...

I like this post. You have a great attitude about life. I'm glad you had a fun day with your grandkids :)

KaLynn said...

Thanks Sharon! It was great!

Sugar Bear said...

Had fun too. Wasn't that woman drving the same kinda car wanna be SUV that I drive??

GiGi said...

sounds like a great weekend to me! and yes, Grandkids are the best! My almost 3 year-old granddaughter told me 'we are best friends' (of course, my heart melted!)